Micro-Gaming Maison Foley Moulins Weekend, December 11, 2021, Lille.

Weekend micro-gaming
At Maison Foley Moulins from Saturday, December 11 to Sunday, December 12
### Event ** Mini Video Game Fair at the Digital Museum ** From 2pm to 7pm (nonstop) The Digital Museum has been transformed into a mini video game fair for your enjoyment, from the Fauberg Media Library Fund de Betun de Lille and the Atom City Association Arcade game. _All Public_ ** Retro Gaming Crafts ‌ In the Mini-Lab ** From 2pm to 7pm (nonstop) To wait between two games of video games, come and find “retro gaming” coloring, paper toys and origami in the mini-lab. _All Public_ ** 3D Video Game Design Workshop ** 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm Do you always want to create your own video game? Lil @: Design it with La Fabric de Universe! In an hour, you created your game with your characters, your universe and your rules. _ Workshop is available from 7 years_ _Duration: 1h30_
La Micro-Foley Special Video Game invites you to the weekend: Come and test yourself in the games and design them!

Maison Foley Moulins 47 Rs d’Aras, Lille Lille Lille-Moulins Nord

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