May 28, 2022

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Romantic Comedy | India Deszardins and Miriam Bouchard will shoot on December 23

Romantic Comedy |  India Deszardins and Miriam Bouchard will shoot on December 23

Writer and screenwriter India Desjardins and filmmaker Miriam Bouchard will start filming in the winter of 2022. 23 December, Takes the form of a romantic comedy band film and endorses Beau Dommege’s untitled song.

Andre Duchesne

Andre Duchesne

Camping two days before Christmas during a blizzard, the film explores the cross-destinations of many characters coming from all walks of life and facing diverse challenges. We find a bachelor looking for love, a couple worried about their lives being turned upside down, a singer coming on stage after a long hiatus, a young man pulling a mystery, a man who opposes the transformation of society, and other colorful characters. .

We read in a press release that the production, signed by Guillaume Lespérance and A Média Films, began, “If they all had a personal vision of a magical Christmas, they would find the perfect moments to be full of imperfections and the unexpected.”

Joined by Press, India Desjardines, who has been working on screenplay since 2011, said the incident in his family started it all. “Just a few days before Christmas, our mother’s husband had a heart attack. They were in Charlevoix and he had to move to another city. All of this disturbed our Christmas in the domino effect and made us live unexpectedly. I saw him writing a movie before my eyes. ”

The author, who provided us with a series of children’s books and two illustrations around the character of Aurelie Laughlamme, also indicates that she loves the Christmas and holiday seasons. Her film, this year reflects her love.

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Photo by Edord Plante-Frechet, Archives the Press

Miriam Bouchard

“I don’t want to reinvent the genre,” India Desjardins said. During the holidays, we want to be happy, to celebrate, to relax. I’ll take this completely in the movie. I want this bright evening Fun And relax.

If there’s anything she wants to explore, it’s the presence of strong, prominent female characters. “If you look at the Christmas classics, a lot of men are made up of main characters. If we go to the women who play the lead roles, movies often come with a girl who gives up her career to go to the countryside to bake cookies. I, for one, want to write a story close to my values ​​with a modern perspective. ”

Currently, India Deszardins is improving its script. Elsewhere, casting has begun, but no names have been released yet. Filming is set to begin in February or March. Director Miriam Bouchard is familiar with the film My circus for me As well as the series Can you hear me And The Escape.

What is the role of Beau Dommage song in the film? “Actually I want to give him a good look,” India Desjardins said. This is mine Tone Quebec favorite Christmas. This song is unique to us and related to our traditions. The film went on without saying a word as the chorus was filming on the same day. ”

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? “I love them all,” she replied cheerfully. There are Screwed With Bill Murray, Actually love, Holiday, Family man Mon. Chum (Olivier Bernard, the Pharmachien) and I have a short list and we will start looking at them soon. “

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