May 28, 2022

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Telethon Gaming: “We want to mobilize the younger generation”

Le Téléthon Gaming 2021

From November 5 to December 4, AFM-Telethon runs Gaming Telethon. Claire Schiller-Hughes, Director of Marketing and Resource Development, who is in charge of the event, discusses the goals of the festival Telethon Gaming, combining online games and charity.

© Sebastian Hughes

Five years ago France Televisions was born in partnership with Telethon Gaming (Add link) Espot collected more than sixty steamers on November 5 and 6 in Paris to signal the start of this year’s event. The association wants to raise funds to accelerate research into rare diseases in France. For, Claire Schiller-Heuzé, Marketing Director of AFM-Telethon, explains the intentions of this fun and unified event.

For 2021, the idea is to revive the party and conduct a face-to-face meeting

How is Telethon Gaming designed?

The goal of gaming telethon is to mobilize an audience that consumes less and less television while staying within the fundamentals of AFM-Telethon. Our event also offers video games, quizzes and sometimes board games. This operation took many forms over the years. In 2019, thanks to our partnership with SNCF, we managed six hours of gaming from Gare de Lyon and Gare de Lille. Due to Kovid-19, the 2020 edition is only available online.

2021 Gaming Telethon
© Gildas Dibassart – AFM-Telethon

This year, we want to reconnect with the party by organizing a physical event at the Espot in Paris. Twitch was launched with nearly sixty videographers and gamers. Our telethon channel in Twitch broadcasts this unprecedented moment through interviews with gamers as well as researchers, families, and influencers is a very warm moment and at the forefront of modernity.

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We want to motivate the younger generations

What are the aspirations of Telethon Gaming 2021?

The first goal is to educate the audience and these new people about the struggle of AFM-Telethon. During this launch event, more than 250,000 viewers attended our channel. We want to motivate the younger generations through this lever. We hope to continue this momentum until the end of December and invite streamers and viewers to watch Samuel Etienne host the first program dedicated to the event on December 2 at 12:30 pm in France 2 and Twich.

AFM-Telethon Gaming has already raised 110,000 euros with Telethon, which is twice as much as last year!

What are the stats to remember for this gaming telethon?

The opening was a success. The 30-hour live show has already raised 110,000 euros and we counted 250,000 viewers on our Twitch channel, more than a million if we include the audience of participants. We are so proud! And most importantly since it lasts until December 4th!

Gaming Telethon 2021
© Gildas Dibassart – AFM-Telethon

Do you have any future gaming projects for 2022?

The uniqueness of telethon gaming is that everyone can participate anywhere. People can be a regular viewer and donor of one of the Telethon gaming streams or start their own fundraising for the benefit of Telethon on their platform using the tools available.

No small donation, on the contrary. Through this new event everyone can participate and get inspired. We are already fully organizing the 2022 event, which we hope will be even more successful this year. Telethon Gaming is a connected party that combines meaning, generosity and modernity.

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To donate to AFM-Telethon, go to it

Article by our journalist Anne-Claire Voss