December 8, 2022

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“We are in a very serious health crisis,” Martinique Prefect warned

"We are in a very serious health crisis," Martinique Prefect warned

Prefect Stanislas Cazelles confirmed that Martinique was affected by the 5th wave of coronavirus.

The latest figures released by the Regional Health Agency on Tuesday, November 23, 2021, confirm the new progression of the coronavirus epidemic in Martinique. Between November 15 and 21, 2021, the numbers will increase. 585 new cases were reported.

The 5th wave is here, there are over 100 people hospitalized for Kovid in our country and almost 600 people in the country are infected. The first concern of the government official I am with is to fight against the health crisis that is causing the situation we are in and plaguing Martinique.

Stanislas Cazelles, Martinique Prefect

If the Martinique is not currently spreading, over the weeks, new pollution cases will be even more significant.

25 to 31 October : 411

November 1 from 7: 413

November 8 to 14: 425

From 15th to 21st November: with an occurrence rate of 585 163 (Number of cases more than 7 days per 100,000 residents), 95 cases in the previous week.

To slow the progress of the virus in Martinique, Prefect may take new measures. Several options are under consideration After consulting with the local economic and political world.

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