March 22, 2023

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Blanchett does not give gifts to Legault

Blanchett does not give gifts to Legault

In a video published on November 15, Yves-Franకోois Blanchett announced that Black Cubacois would support PQ forces in the 2022 provincial elections.

After thinking for two seconds, it is not surprising that the Sovereign supported the Sovereign.

So, his mother had nothing to write home about? One moment.

This announcement will inevitably ripple through the campaign next fall.

Apple pie

The leader of the Black “We Can’t Oppose the Apple Up and Black Cubecois Support the Throne Speech, although it may seem like half a day’s written college work”.

It is true what he said, apple pie is very tasty. However, he was able to fight a little for Quebec without re-opening the country in the election.

In his throne speech, Franకోois Legalt’s two main demands on health transfers and immigration were made by Mr. Trudeau was not found on the roadmap submitted Tuesday.

For Black, it’s Ground‌Hog Day. In 2019, he also very quickly supported Speech from the Throne.

Whose benefits?

During the election campaign, Mr. Blanchett made several attempts to explain his party’s goal.

Will Black Quebecs, the Quebec government, protect the interests of the National Assembly or protect regional jurisdiction?

With its video and its response to the liberal speech, it is now clear that the Black Party is defending the interests of Quebecs and not the interests of the Quebec government.

Mr. Legalt does not need a block to communicate with Mr. Trudeau.

Today, however, he confirmed that Mr. Blanchett would not help him make a profit in Quebec. The benefits of his re-election can be considered a plus.

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