July 6, 2022

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Increase in Kovid-19 cases | Quebec Solidair requests a meeting with Christian Dube

Increase in Kovid-19 cases |  Quebec Solidair requests a meeting with Christian Dube

(Quebec) Concerned over Kovid-19 cases disturbing, Quebec Solidair (QS) is requesting a meeting of all opposition parties with Health Minister Christian Dube.

Patrice Bergeron
Canadian Press

The Canadian Press received a letter to the Minister on Friday from QS Health Spokesperson Vincent Marissall. The QS deputy is also ready to send a strong message, if necessary, to participate in the joint intervention of representatives of all parties.

Great Christmas meetings are coming, but we can not pretend that the “bug” – the virus – is gone, he argues, because it has in his words an “extraordinary power of boredom and mutation”.

Not wanting to be alarmed, I was stunned for several days by the contradiction between the dominant discourse and the government discourse, according to which all is well, we are swimming with the money, we are going to bring back the Nordics, and then, on the other hand, we see the waves coming from Europe.

Extract from the letter of MP Vincent Marissall

Considering the arrival of the new variant Omicron, he called for an emergency meeting with the minister and public health experts, as in previous waves, to get answers on the case growth pattern.

Photo archives a double, sun

Vincent Marissall, a member of the Quebec Solidarity

Asked to clarify on giving a third dose. Because he really cares about the rhythm of the vaccine that people over the age of 70 are eligible for the third dose.

Mr Marissall also warned his colleagues from other opposition parties of his stance.

“Despite our political discussions, we are also there to work together,” he appealed. It’s really a message of openness, but it’s a message of responsibility. ”

But why is it important to meet the Minister of Health when he and his government are the ones making decisions as a last resort?

“We are also positive actors, relays needed by the population,” he explained, sensors collecting information and questions from the staff offices of elected officers in constituency offices and constituencies.

According to Mr Morrissel, the emergency meeting was “urgent” to ensure “better transparency” in pandemic management.

1,037 new COVID-19 cases were reported in Quebec on Friday and the trend has been rising for several weeks. The prevalence of cases can also be observed in Europe.

In the long run, the QS member will also see this possible meeting as an opportunity to take stock with public health experts on the evolution of the epidemic.

We want to move towards “what other countries call”, “live with coronavirus” and maybe we have no choice but to go through this, but still have a lot of cases and while in the hospital? I think it’s a good time to stock up before Christmas. ”

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