March 24, 2023

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Martin Musso Mule became the first black woman to chair the City Council

Martin Musso Mule became the first black woman to chair the City Council

Villerero – Martin Musso Muel, city councilor-elect in the Saint-Michel-Park-Extension borough, has broken another hurdle by becoming the first black woman to chair the Montreal City Council.

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“The black skin I wear is always the difference suggested to me by others. I do not see, I live in it. I found it, the logo is strong and I hope it inspires those who want inspiration, ”he said.Me Grind.

His appointment, however, will have to be confirmed in a vote next Monday at the next Municipal Council. However, this is a formality because the project has a Montreal majority.

Joel Lemey / QMI Agency

His career was highly eclectic. At 16, mMe Muley joined the Canadian Armed Forces, where she served as a Royal Navy Boatwines Mate for eight years.

A law graduate from the University of Ottawa, she later became a lawyer specializing in public policy and administrative law. In recent years, she has been the Director of Legal Affairs and the Clerk of the Towns of Amqui and Kirkland, and the Commissioner of the Office de Consultation Public de Montreal until the election.

Her career as an actress was also added to this, mMe Muel has played some roles in theater and television.

“I think back to how far we came from where we are today and I was moved because I thought a lot about all these people who helped me stay here today,” Mr said.Me Grind.

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In the last election, she contested for the position of city councilor for Villere district, which she won with almost 69% of the vote.

She replaces Suzie Miran, formerly president of the Montreal Municipal Council.

“With the new mandate, it is important for us to make room for the next generation,” explained Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante. All of her qualities ensure that she can skillfully direct the work of the municipality and promote constructive discussions.

In Montreal, she is the third black woman to break the barrier during this election. On Wednesday, Gracia Kasoki Katahwa became the first black woman to become mayor of a district. And on Thursday morning, Dominic Olivier took another first place by chairing the Montreal City Executive Committee.

Towards the official opposition, it was suggested that the party vote in favor of his nomination, although some disappointment remained.

“It simply came to our notice then that we were not in a position to consult with the opposition. I repeat with my outstretched arm, but the ball is in their court. If we want to work together, I hope there is another way to do things from them, ”explained Aref Salem, conductor of Ensemble Montreal.