May 28, 2022

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The Prime Minister was only eight hours old

The Prime Minister was only eight hours old

Within eight hours of her election by parliament, the new Swedish Prime Minister, Magdalena Anderson, was forced to resign on Wednesday after a nightmare marked by her budget defeat and the departure of her environmental allies from government.

“There is a constitutional method of resigning when a coalition government leaves the party. I do not want to lead a government that questions the legitimacy of the government, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

On this failed regime evening, Ms Anderson said she hoped she would be re-elected to her post in the next voting with a 100% social-democratic government this time.

She was already the first woman to be elected to this post for several hours after several days of sensitive discussions, a victim of the tragic game of political domino.


On Tuesday evening, the 54-year-old economist, who until now was finance minister to her predecessor Stephen Lofven, received the last-minute support needed to come to power, thanks to a last-minute deal with the Left Party to raise small pensions.

However, the Center, another key party, withdrew its support for the budget, dissatisfied with the concessions made to the Left and prevented it from coming to power.

Consequently: the same parliament that elected her in the morning added her budget to the minority in the afternoon and adopted the moderate opposition, which for the first time prepared with the moderate Democrats of Sweden (SD).

“Magda” Anderson said he could handle it. But for his environmental ally, the only other party in the minority government coalition, it is not acceptable to rule with a financial law that has the stamp of terrorism.

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Shortly after the budget was defeated, the Environment Party announced its resignation from the government, Ms. Anderson forced her to return the apron she had just acquired.

“It is not the goal of the Green Party to apply the budget discussed by the SD. Our leadership is unanimous in saying that we cannot stay in government with a budget prepared by the SD, ”party spokeswoman Martha Steveni said.

House Speaker Andreas Norlen said he had accepted his resignation and would consult with party leaders before deciding how to proceed on Thursday.

Constitutionally, Ms Anderson has not yet had time to submit her government to the king – which is scheduled for Friday – as she has not been able to officially replace Stefan Lofven as prime minister.

But one day the queen may have another chance.

Analysts say the tight political balance in the Swedish parliament will not allow a replacement for a social-democratic prime minister due to a four-month delay in forming a government after the last election in 2018.

Stephen Lofven, who was ousted in June with an unprecedented no-confidence motion, returned in July.

After seven years in power and tired of the political crisis, he announced in August that he would resign in November, less than a year before the September 2022 legislative elections.

Famous for her live style, which earned her the nickname “Bulldozer”, Magdalena Anderson succeeded as head of the Social Democratic Party in early November.

Despite being an open champion of gender equality, Sweden does not yet have a female prime minister like all other Nordic countries.

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Became the first woman to come to power after 33 men from 1876, Mrs. Anderson hailed the morning as “a special day”.