June 29, 2022

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Visit to Montreal City Hall | Trudeau: “Most recent tragedies” in Montreal

Visit to Montreal City Hall |  Trudeau: "Most recent tragedies" in Montreal

On Friday, during the first official visit of the Prime Minister of Canada after the municipal elections, Valerie Plante began to “cry from the heart” to Justin Trudeau in the shooting file.

Philip Teasera-Lessard

Philip Teasera-Lessard

Briefly passing through City Hall, Mr. Trudeau hailed the election of “progressive municipal leadership” in Montreal, but lamented the increase in deadly shootings on metropolitan streets.

“We are going to discuss our main partnership priorities, be it housing, public transport and infrastructure,” he said before the twenty-minute meeting. Obviously, public safety and handguns, we’m going to talk about because we’ve seen a lot of tragedies recently, including my Papino riding. We need to take as many steps as possible. ”

After the meeting behind closed doors, Mr.Me Plante said he sent a heartfelt cry to Justin Trudeau to take more action to fight the proliferation of handguns.

“I was really able to discuss the situation with Mr. Trudeau from an open heart and talk about Montreallers who feel less secure. Families who have lost a loved one,” said Mayor Plante. […] What he showed me was a desire to do more. For me, it’s the opening. We actually allow things to develop, but I’m pleased that the Prime Minister understands how important this is. ”

“I am pleased that the Prime Minister has assured me that the federal government needs to do more. This is a very good sign, ”she continued.

According to the mayor, Prime Minister Trudeau has withdrawn from the idea of ​​leaving municipalities responsible for overseeing handguns, as his government suggested last winter.

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“I absolutely want it to be a law that applies from coast to coast. Because weapons have no borders, ”she added. “We definitely need to find very strong solutions.”

Prior to the meeting, Mayor Plante exchanged some words in Spanish with Mr Trudeau’s Lieutenant Pablo Rodriguez in Quebec. She is familiar with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“We got to know each other. It’s the same with Mr. [François] Legalt, ”she said. “Mr. Trudeau, Justin, was elected here in Montreal. It’s a city he cares about a lot, he talks about it often. I’m very proud of the projects we worked on in the first term. […] This introduction is about honor. It’s reciprocal. ”

Prime Minister Trudeau walked out of the meeting but did not speak.