July 5, 2022

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Congress of PLQ Members | The shadow of Mary Montpet is moving

Allegations of psychological harassment |  Mary Montpett was excluded from the Liberal Caucus

(Quebec) The shadow of MP Mary Montpetit, who was recently expelled from the Liberal ranks on charges of mental harassment, her father – a longtime activist – was at a membership conference. His former colleague Christine Saint-Pierre also wished Mr. return.Me Montpetit if she is rehabilitated.

Funny Levesk

Funny Levesk

Mary Montpetit’s father, Mark Montpetit, will attend the PLQ Members’ Congress over the weekend in Quebec. He could not digest the treatment assigned to him by Chef Dominic Angled by expelling her from the Liberal Assembly earlier this month on allegations of mental abuse.

“We condemn, we grant and we move forward, we have no time to investigate, we have no time to waste. It’s still a fun way to do things. No complaint was received [à l’Assemblée nationale] “I’m seen crises in the Liberal Party for 40 years, but you’ve never heard of it, we’ve resolved it internally. How can this happen with the Liberals?”

The long-time activist is expected to resign from all positions in the political structure by the end of this Sunday’s meeting of members. However, he does not want to tear up the party card because he wants to have the right to “vote if there is ever a leadership race”. He will not show mercy to the new leader – whom he supported in the spring of 2020: “I see that voters are not listening to him for all sorts of reasons I do not need to comment.”.

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Dominic Anglade said he was ready to meet if Mr. Montpet was interested. “I understand [sa] Reaction, I think the reaction of the mother of three children and the reaction we saw was the father’s reaction to his daughter and I understood that. But, as the head of my political structure I had decisions to make and I made the decision I needed. ”

“She can rediscover herself,” Saint-Pierre said.

Some elected liberals were reluctant to venture on the remarks made by Mark Montpetit or on the expulsion of a member for Maurice-Richard. MNA Christine Saint-Pierre, for her part, did not hesitate to speak of Mary Montpet as a “very intelligent girl” who “knew how to get out of this storm”.

“Now she has work to do on her own. The Quebec people fell and rose again, they were able to rediscover themselves. I hope Mary can reinvent herself. Does she want to come back with the Liberals? “If there is a way taken, yes,” she said.

Photo by Jacques Boisinot, Canadian Press Archives

Christine Saint-Pierre

His employer does not have the same reading. “I can not predict the future, but with the information I have today and the information I have, I only need to make the decision I made,” he said.Me Montpet in the Caucasus if she rehabilitates herself. However, she admitted that she believed in “life in general, rehabilitation”.

In the wake of the revelations that led to his deportation, Dominic Anglade confirmed that Mary Montpet was excluded from the Caucasus for good regardless of future research results. “With the information I have today, with the facts provided to me, I do not see how [une réintégration au caucus] Will happen, ”she told the National Assembly.

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Press Revealed earlier this month, Ms.Me Angled received a written complaint of psychological harassment against Mr.Me Montpet, learned of similar allegations against her. Press Mary Montpetit also collected testimonies from four people alleging that they had been mentally abused.

These were political employees who had worked with her in the opposition, but even when she was Minister of Culture and Communications at the end of the Coulard government mandate.

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