June 26, 2022

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South Korea. Government promotes sovereignty

South Korea.  Government promotes sovereignty

The most serious contender for Facebook’s metaverse may be partially public. This is the most sophisticated project in any case. The South Korean government, under the auspices of its Ministry of Science, has launched a project of a sovereign virtual universe. We are fed up with the fact that its telecom infrastructure is being exploited for the benefit of US multinationals – a legal battle against Netflix in particular for seeking to participate in the investment – and social networks have imposed their own legislation, taking into account South Korean issues. The government is well known with dozens of local entrepreneurs, including Samsung, South Korea Telecom and Hyundai.

The public money created for and by the South Koreans was partially provided

A device that is somewhat reminiscent of the farm’s Ariane space project, to create South Korean metaphors and sovereign metawares designed for them. He partially funds public money, he was born as part of the “Living with the Kovid” program. So will public service and local politics: Seoul City Council will convene there from the end of 2022. Residents of the capital can also actually go to City Hall and visit it and realize it. They also file their administrative policies and complaint by wearing virtual reality glasses. Suffice it to give back some humanity to the digitization of public services that has hitherto been reduced to online forms.

The government also hopes to promote cultural activities in its metawars. It connects to private events with virtual stores, spaces dedicated to the K-pop culture and video games that are very popular with South Koreans. South Korean Telecom has already launched a very popular virtual platform for hosting virtual conferences, trainings and public meetings. The education and tourism industries also hope to participate in sovereignty by organizing virtual fairs there for student orientation. Much of the content is regularly provided through private programs, with the government interested in imposing its standards, rules and currency in any case.

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