January 16, 2022

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Do seniors have to choose between their rent or their medication?

Do seniors have to choose between their rent or their medication?

Medicines, rent, food; If nothing is done to help them financially, some seniors will have to pick the items they need for their safety, the Confederation of the Golden Age of Quebec (FADOQ) blamed.

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“In many cases, renters make up a large portion of their budget and we do not want them to have to choose between paying their rent or paying for their medicines by the end of the month,” said Giselle Toss-Goodman, president. Of the FADOQ Network.

FADOQ has asked the government to provide more assistance to seniors who are vulnerable during this period of inflation.

Despite announcing an increase of about $ 200 in financial assistance to people aged 70 and over, FADOQ is seeking another increase in tax credit soon.

“In the long run, seniors need more help to cope with the steadily rising cost of living. That is why the FADOQ network is ordering another increase in tax credit for seniors to support seniors in the next budget, ”he said.Me Tassey-Goodman.

Watch the full interview with the FADOQ President in the video above.

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