June 27, 2022

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Green and left turn of PLQ

Green and left turn of PLQ

The leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec, realizing that it could not happen without conflict in the party, considered it a very progressive and environmental “big turn” that she was taking her training. Activists followed it by pursuing a number of green and leftist policies.

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“It’s part of the changing reality of the party. There will be reactions from people who have campaigned for and disagreed with the party,” said Dominic Anglade. “It’s a negotiating party.

In addition, the training this weekend includes an ambitious environmental program (see below).

She said the status quo was unpredictable due to the results of the 2018 catastrophic elections. “We have a huge goal of transformation,” M said.Me Angled.

Very green

The Liberal leader told his members that the party needed to find a Quebec solution to the “controversial” climate emergency.

The discussions were numerous, lively and lengthy, but members responded “right now” by boldly pursuing green policies.

PLQ’s GHG reduction target will be 45% by 2030, CAQ 37.5% and Québec solidaire 55%.

Green and left turn of PLQ

The PLQ makes the right to the environment a fundamental right under which laws can be enforced. Activists voted in favor of free public transport for all as part of pilot projects. A significant increase in water charges was also approved, six times the current rate.

Like the Québec solidaire, PLQ aims to make 100% of new vehicle sales by 2030 with “zero emission” vehicles.

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However, they voted against the tax on the purchase of large polluting vehicles such as SUVs and pickup trucks.

Some party proposals have been accused of being too left-wing, which in recent days has gained a resemblance to Quebec Solidair.

Chef rejects label. “We are coming back to the idea of ​​major projects for Quebec,” Mr.Me Angled.

ECO Project Complex

To achieve its goals, PLQ relies on the ECO project‌. $ 100 billion economic and environmental project with private sector participation.

Focusing on the nationalization plan for green hydrogen, the project may seem complicated and difficult to explain to citizens, Mr.Me Angled.

She still knows that convincing voters between elections is a very big challenge.

“Before explaining what green hydrogen is, I think we need to talk about a social project, to say that ecology and the economy can be one,” she said.

The Montpetit case

In addition, the Montpetit affair haunted the Liberal Convention. MP Christine Saint-Pierre said Mary Montpetit, who has been plagued by allegations of psychological harassment, must “find ways out of this storm” in order to regain her place in the PLQ. A statement that surprised everyone.

Following these allegations, Chief Dominic Angled Mary Montpetit was permanently removed from the Caucasus.

His father, Mark Montpetit, president of the Liberal Association of Soulangees, will attend this weekend and tell reporters outside Congress his thinking.

“I have seen crises in the Liberal Party for 40 years, but you have never heard of it. It always settled inside. And how can that be with the Liberals, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

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For his part, on Saturday, Dominic Angled Mr.Me Montpetit declared that he had faith in rehab.

However, she stated that she could not predict the future. M. with the information he hadMe Montpetit, excluding him, was the “only decision necessary”.

Other proposals were approved

  • Create culturally sensitive and non-discriminatory learning environments by adding courses, especially on cognitive bias, cultural allocation, exclusive rights, racial profiling, domestic history, systemic racism and diversity management.
  • Extend health insurance coverage to include mental health coverage and explore the possibility of including dental, eye and hearing care, as well as psychotherapy and physiotherapy.
  • Allow parents of children under the age of 5 or parents of children with major disabilities to work reduced hours at the expense of the employee without fear of retaliation.

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