July 5, 2022

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Massive rejection of French-speaking African students: Ottawa allegations of “discrimination”

Massive rejection of French-speaking African students: Ottawa allegations of "discrimination"

Mr. Brunelle-Duceppe Justin Trudeau largely ignored his words against the government and against immigration Canada, which largely rejected study permit applications filed by French-speaking foreign students in Africa, who wanted to come to Quebec.

This does not make sense. Once again, Quebec is suffering. This causes the Francophones to suffer. And African students suffer.

A quote from Alexis Brunel-Dusseppe, member of the Black Quebecois

The rate of rejection of applications intended for Quebec is significantly higher than that filed in other Canadian provinces, Learned Radio-Canada. This rate reaches or exceeds 80% in some French-speaking African countries.

To save time in analyzing these files, Immigration Canada officials have been using a computer system called Chinook since 2018. It automatically captures the various information requested in an Excel spreadsheet.

However, the gap between Quebec has widened since the tool went into effect, receiving requests mainly from French-speaking candidates and from the rest of Canada.

A condition Unacceptable, According to the Legault government

The Chinook system was largely unknown until recently. Its operation was exposed during a lawsuit filed by the Federal Department of Immigration.

Certainly we are facing a situation of discrimination. I do not see how we can think otherwise, Says Alexis Brunel-Duseppe.

On social media, the leader of the Black Quebecos used similar words.

If Quebec practiced part of this discrimination against those who did not speak French, Justin Trudeau would call us racists.

A quote from Yves-Franకోois Blanchett, leader of the Black Quebecois

The Quebec government did not even hide its deep dissatisfaction. After first asking Explanations, Regional Minister for Immigration, Jean Boulette, raised his voice against Ottawa after the Radio-Canada report aired.

In his view, these are huge rejection rates Unacceptable And Discrimination.

It is important for me to investigate. If we want to fix things, we must do it quickly.

A quote from Jean Boulette, Quebec Immigration Minister

[Cette situation] It worries me a lot. I’ll talk to my new replica very quickly [Sean Fraser]. Need to know the original intentions [de ces refus], He assures. The Quebec government and our organizations are making enormous efforts to recruit French-speaking international students; So, I need to know.

The Minister of Higher Education, Daniel McCann, confirms that she has already communicated with Ottawa on this matter. In vain. At that time we sent a letter to the Minister of Immigration [Marco Mendicino] Tell him, it really should change, She says.

We need these students, she explains. Ottawa needs to change the way it works.

We are well aware of the problem. There is something that seems very problematic to us. We’re concerned about the data we have.

A quote from Daniel McCann, Minister of Higher Education

The party Quebecois took a similar view: If Immigration Canada wants to weaken Quebec’s efforts to attract French-speaking students, we want them to settle here, and it will not do otherwise. , Deputy Megane condemns Perry Melloncon.

NPD, PCC And block on the same wavelength

This situation Intolerant, New Democratic Party (NDP) Deputy Leader Alexandre Bouleris has been severely reprimanded.

[Ce système] Systematically discrimination appears. We are asking for quick fixes and more transparency from the department.

A quote from Alexander Bouleris, deputy leader of the NDP

Immigration from French-speaking countries was required to defend the French reality in Quebec, For his part, supports Conservative Party MP, Alain Reyes.

Government [de Justin Trudeau] Most francophones should explain why their application was rejected and ensure a fair system, He stated.

According to Black Quebecois, Immigration Canada The worst ministry in Ottawa. I do not like throwing stones at the officers, but there is a problem in this department. The Minister must answer quickly. Must do his work himself, Points out Alexis Brunel-Duseppe.

He said that if there was discrimination in Quebec with English speaking students, the whole of English Canada would be angry. It is present in all papers. There, there is harsh discrimination against French-speaking students from Africa.

Earlier this week, Immigration Canada and a team of Minister Fraser defended themselves by analyzing all study permit applications against the same criteria, regardless of their country of origin. Even the office of Minister Sean Fraser did not do so Does not tolerate racism or discrimination.

In collaboration with Aimée Lemieux

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