July 5, 2022

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Omicron variant: According to Dr. Fowzie, the United States is on “early warning”

Omicron variant: According to Dr. Fowzie, the United States is on "early warning"

Washington | The United States is on high alert over the new Omicron variant, with White House health crisis adviser Anthony Fawzi urging Americans on Monday to take the booster dose of their anti – vaccine. -COVID.

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The country has not registered “confirmed cases” of this variant causing global concern and border closures, but these statements are not in line with Drs.R Fauzi, who appeared on the ABC television channel, intervened the next day after discovering the first two cases in neighboring Canada.

“Obviously, we’re on early warning,” he said.

Eligible individuals should “receive their booster dose now” without having to wait for a specific vaccine development for the Omicron variant, Anthony Fauzi appealed.

“What we do know is that vaccinated people are better off than those who are not, especially when they receive their booster dose,” he says.

“It will inevitably become widespread sooner or later (the Omicron variant),” the immunologist recalled, “because it looks very contagious, but” there is a lot we do not know.

He warns that it is “premature” to emphasize that Omicron is less dangerous and causes milder symptoms.

There is very little accuracy about this variant, first identified in South Africa in November and classified as “worrisome” by the WHO. Its actual contagion and malignancy have yet to be determined.

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“To date, no deaths have been reported associated with the Omicron variant,” the company said in a technical statement released Monday, but said it was “more likely to spread worldwide.”

The United States, which reopened to the world in early November, closed Monday to travelers from eight South African countries.

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