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Sexual misconduct: Host Chris Cuomo, his brother Andrew’s strategist

Sexual misconduct: Host Chris Cuomo, his brother Andrew's strategist

Chris Cuomo’s behind-the-scenes role as an unofficial adviser to his older brother, Forcibly resigned In August 2021, he always denied the allegations after the avalanche, which had already been exposed. However, documents posted on the Attorney General’s Office’s Letitia James website reveal greater levels of assistance in the field of public relations than previously known.

Chris Cuomo, a law graduate who was called to testify before New York investigators, pleaded guilty in February and March 2021, to blaming the former governor for New York’s inappropriate behavior when the accused opened up in Public Square. Simple acquaintance with his brother.

Host of Cuomo prime time, Its transcript, which contains 348 pages of testimony, also acknowledged that the 64-year-old had exchanged messages with key advisers in the former Democratic governor’s office.

Exhibits in the file include multiple emails and text messages, but many parts of them have been edited, especially indicating that he was in close contact with Andrew Cuomo’s major collaborator, Melissa Derosa.

The 51-year-old host also lobbied to help deal with the allegations in his brother’s office because he challenged the strategy he used to deal with them.

You have to trust me […] More than these other people, He wrote for example in a March 10 text message. We make mistakes we can’t bear.

He went so far as to direct press releases, in which he suggested giving detailed responses to the allegations.

Journalistic contacts were used

According to his testimony, but according to the scriptures, Chris Cuomo also used his journalistic sources to obtain information on the accused.

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An article from Three days later New York Times who The third alleged victim reported On March 4, for example, he wrote that Andrew Cuomo wanted to kiss her at a wedding in September 2019: I have some information about the bride.

However, he denied that he wanted to cover his brother.

I’m worried it’s not being handled the right way and this is it [n’était] It’s not my job to manage it, right?

A quote from Chris Cuomo in an interview with researchers in New York on July 15, 2021

I do not work for the governor. I am not justifying him in this matter. I will not cover it. You know, […] That’s not what I do, He told researchers.

The Washington Post In May 2021 he revealed the advisory role played by the youngest of the Cuomo siblings and reported on his participation in conference calls dedicated to strategy for crisis management. Chris Cuomo encouraged his brother to stay in the office.

CNN ruled Inappropriate That its facilitator was involved in such an exchange. After that he admitted that he had done something for himself Wrong.

Naturally, I knew what was going on with my brother. And apparently I can not cover him because he is my brother, He said broadcasting in early March, adding that the network clearly does not do without.

I am not a consultant. I am a brother. I was not in complete control of anything. I am there to listen and tell my opinion, He argued five months later, following a report from Letitia James, which spoke of his involvement.

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During the epidemic, Andrew Cuomo was a regular guest on his brother’s show, a situation that thrilled viewers but also led to criticism internally.

According to statistics provided by CNN, Cuomo prime time Recorded the channel’s highest audience in the third quarter.

Fallen model

Earlier this year, New Yorkers demanded the resignation of Andrew Cuomo.

Photo: Getty Images / Scott Haynes

Attorney General Letitia James on Monday posted online transcripts or videos of several former Andrew Cuomo associates describing their efforts to challenge the allegations.

After emerging as a national political star during the epidemic, Andrew Cuomo, aiming for a fourth term, finally decided to avoid the impeachment trial and throw in the towel.

The resignation of the politician, the son of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, took place eight months and a week after the first allegation. Damn report from the Attorney General Of New York, published in early August.

In her 165-page report, Andrew Cuomo recorded the case of 11 women who were subjected to inappropriate gestures or comments.

This is one Charges were filed last month For sexual offense. There are allegations against him in the complaintForcible touching It took place in December 2020 at his official residence in Albany, the state capital of New York.

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