July 6, 2022

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Canadian Next GM: “What do they lose by trying me?” – Patrick Roy

Canadian Next GM: "What do they lose by trying me?"  - Patrick Roy

Patrick Roy is still not met by the Montreal Canadians. Listen carefully when the phone rings.

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“I’m sure, what do they lose by trying me?” Since 1993, the club has been moving into circles. What do they miss by giving me a chance to see what I can do with this club? At the same time, I understood the situation. The club is owned by Geoff Molson and he is pulling the strings. He is his team and at the end of the day I may not be the person for him. I agree with that. ”

Roy does not know Jeff Gorton. He met him briefly when he was leading the Colorado Avalanche when he visited Denver from the New York Rangers.

“Alain Vignolt introduced it to me. He seems like a very passionate person to me.”

The current general manager and head coach of Rimport de Quebec has assured that there will be no problem in working with the Vice President of Hockey Operations.

“I am a person who always enjoys working in a team and is ready to learn, listen and develop any process that needs to be done for the team. I have been working with Jacques Tongue for 14 years and we have never had a problem.

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Not a big challenge

From the outside, Patrick Roy does not believe that CH’s problems are as deep as his position in the standings.

In his view, Trevor Timmins’ poor recruitment eventually led to Bergevin losing his job.

“It’s clear that Trevor Timmins hurt Mark Bergewin. But Mark, he’s a loyal man and he’s behind him. The challenge for the Canadians is not a big challenge. I think the team needs to be reset rather than rebuilt. The person who replaces him will have an interesting challenge in front of him.

More details to follow …

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