March 25, 2023

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Delta TUF Gaming Alliance: Asus RAM in TeamGroup

TeamGroup announces brand new DDR5 memory kits. At the moment, RAM includes the Asus TUF Gaming Alliance series. In fact, the brand has announced three T-Force Delta TUF Gaming Alliance kits!

Delta TUF Gaming Alliance: RAM in the TUF Series Movie from Asus!

With its RAM, the brand uses the heat sync of its Delta RGB in DDR5. However, it is adorned with designs reminiscent of the TUF gaming series from Asus. What exactly connects his memory and his memory … maybe it’s commercially available, but that’s another story.

Either way, it has an RGB lighting system on top of the RAM heat sink. This increases the height of the module to 46.1 mm. Be careful with your CPU cooler, especially if it is a double tower air cooling model.

In terms of features, we find three memory kits of 32 GB each (2 × 16 GB). On the frequency side, it grinds to 6400 Mbps, 5200 Mbps and 6000 Mbps. Of course, the higher the frequency, the more times. Thus, the 6400 Mbps kit performs 40-40-40-84 against the other two 38-38-38-78. On the voltage side, we have voltages of 1.35V for fast ones and 1.25V for slow ones.

At the moment, we do not know the prices. However, keep in mind that the 6000 Mbps kit is already at 460 LDLC.

See the TeamGroup datasheet here!