July 5, 2022

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Pyrenees Gaming: Pokemon Diamond Pearl, Polish-Free Return

Pyrenees Gaming: Pokemon Diamond Pearl, Polish-Free Return

The Pokemon Pearl Diamond remake has just been released on the Nintendo Switch. A title that impresses fans even though it is sometimes very simple.

Take the adventure-hungry kid, add an annoying opponent to it, and mix it all up with a clever old man ready to convey his passion for cute little creatures. You get the title that sells through the entire palette every time: Pokemon. Almost unchanged recipe for the successful Nintendo series, the first episode that came out in Game Boy twenty-five years ago.

After Let’s Go Pikachu / EV and Sword / Shield, Switch welcomed the third episode in the series with a remake of Diamond / Pearl, first released on DS in 2006. As with every Opus case, two versions of the game are available. So we find a shiny diamond on one side and a shiny ruby ​​on the other. However, the differences between the two are in the margin and are mainly related to the specific Pokemon choice. In short, only one of the two versions is sufficient.

The best episode of Switch

This episode is the best since 2017 and let’s face it since Nintendo’s latest console release. Less simpler than Let’s Go and more complete than Sword / Shield, it offers a real adventure, complete and interesting, with the famous challenge of catching all the creatures in the game as usual. The older generation of the new franchise by adding the ability to unlock the legendary Pokemon.

In terms of script, as we said, it is a classic. That is why we aim to become masters of various fields around the world in the Sinno region. However, you should be careful to settle your account with a company called Team Galaxy who is trying to gain control over the famous Pokemon Dial and Palkia.

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The adventure begins in a small village called Bonagure. So we find the hero, the player has to define his name and gender. Together with his friend and opponent in the first moments of the game, the two of them are quickly fighting a wild Pokemon in the long grass. Luckily for them, the famous Professor Rowan forgot the suitcase a few minutes before with three pok‌balls. So it will be an opportunity to pick an early Pokemon‌ and take part in the first fight.

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Then progress happens very naturally. The player must face the wild Pok‌mon to catch them and boost their team. He can compete with many coaches in the Sino area. The perfect way to get experience for your creatures.

However, the big regret remains that the general convenience of progress is such that a multi-experienced system allows its Pokemon to progress towards the end of the fight. The opportunity and the adventure to make things so much easier usually removes most of the activity from the challenge.

Technically outdated

Graphically this remake makes the minimum level. Admittedly the game is the standard of current 2D productions, but the Chibi style can break with what has been done in the last two episodes and cause more trouble than one. We do without a lot of close-ups, which takes us almost 10 or 15 years back because they are often graphically behind, especially in TV mode. Different graphic genes such as clipping or aliasing are related to the past so it is better in portable mode.

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Complete than the previous Opus, this new episode of the franchise will impress fans of previous episodes. However, it suffers from a scenario that deserves a lot of comfort and protein. Not enough, however, to prevent pride at the foot of the tree.

Shiny Diamond Pokemon, Pearl Diamond Pokemon. Nintendo Switch, 59.99 euros.

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