March 25, 2023

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Saga Andrew Cuomo: CNN Suspended L Animation Chris Cuomo

Saga Andrew Cuomo: CNN Suspended L Animation Chris Cuomo

There are hundreds of pages posted Monday by Letitia James’ office Highlighted the role the 51-year-old played behind the scenes Former New York state governor Andrew Cuomo was fired earlier this year for handling allegations of sexual harassment against his brother.

Hence New lighting Threw at him Participating in the care of his brother, The network said in a press release that the host has been suspended Cuomo prime time For an indefinite period, the next evaluation is pending.

Documents unknown to us prior to public release raise serious questions, One of the channel’s most popular people, said the company, which has not yet cracked down on its employee.

His inaction has also been criticized and many have questioned the journalistic ethics of both the main interest party and the 24-hour news channel.

When Chris admitted to us that he had advised his brother’s staff, he admitted that he had violated our terms and we publicly acknowledged it. But we also understood the unique place where he found himself and the need to put his family ahead of his job., The network argues.

However, these documents indicate a greater level of involvement in his brother’s efforts than we have previously known.

A quote from Excerpt from the CNN press release

The cable channel is expected to respond on Monday Conversations And try to get Further clarification On the meaning of the information contained in the documents.

Broadcast from 9 p.m., Cuomo Prime Time – Their most-watched show on CNN – replaced by the second hour on Tuesday nightAnderson Cooper 360.

The day before, a few hours after the papers were published, Chris Cuomo organized his presentation as if nothing had happened.

Both authors of the CNN article on his suspension wrote after criticisms were leveled against him. Violates widely accepted journalistic standards.

Staff at CNN have expressed dissatisfaction with the presenter’s behavior.

A quote from Summary from a CNN article published on Tuesday

Help more than you know

Chris Cuomo’s role as informal adviser to his older brother, Forcibly resigned In August 2021, after an avalanche of allegations he had always denied, it was already known. The Washington Post, For example, as reported in a report by May 2021.

Documents posted Monday – a 348-page transcript of the investigation conducted by New York researchers and 169 pages of evidence in the file, including emails and text – nevertheless revealed more help than has ever been uncovered.

In his testimony, he acknowledged that he had been in regular consultation with his brother and team when prosecutors began publicly denouncing Governor Cuomo in February and March 2021.

Challenging the strategy followed to counter the series of allegations, he also directed press releases suggesting detailed answers.

According to his own testimony, but according to the scriptures, Chris Cuomo also used his journalistic sources to obtain information on the accused.

In March, he said he could not cover the allegations against his brother on his current affairs show.

The presenter, known for his live style, apologized a few weeks later Wrong Giving him advice, but in the same breath explains what his family put before his work.

He returned to the subject in August, after a report from Letitia James, spoke of his involvement, arguing that he was the only one. Brother Contains Expressed his opinion.

At the beginning of the epidemic, Andrew Cuomo was a regular member of the show Cuomo prime time. The two reassured the exchange, pausing with humor It was well received by many viewers, but the conflict of interest also received a fair share of criticism internally.

Andrew Cuomo, who fell in favor after establishing himself as a national political star during the epidemic, finally decided to put on a towel in August.

in a Damn report, The New York State Attorney General documented the cases of 11 women who were subjected to inappropriate gestures or remarks by Andrew Cuomo.

The second Charges were filed last month For sexual offense.

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