June 5, 2023

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Tunisia was largely successful, with Qatar and the UAE also winning

Tunisia was largely successful, with Qatar and the UAE also winning

The Arab Cup officially opened yesterday, November 30, 2021. For this first opening day, groups A and B played their first meetings with emerging trends.

Arab Cup 2021, Law 1. The first matches of the competition took place after the opening ceremony, which was wonderfully orchestrated by the Qatar Organizing Committee (especially hopefully for next year’s World Cup).

This is the first of all Tunisia Who opened the ball to the opposite side Mauritania. Carthage’s Eagles, unlike in the ‘A’ mode, faced an A of the prestigious Mauritanian choice and it faced the Jamel Belmadi men a few months ago. Two doubles from Jaziri (39 ‘, 45 + 2’) and Ben Arby (42 ‘, 50’) won them wide with a goal from Msakni (90 + 2 ‘), Bessam (45 + 12’) finally satisfied Maurabitowns honor To protect. Tunisia are already top of Group A with a final score of 5-1.

In the other Group A meeting, played at 8pm (Algiers time), Kata’s opponent and neighbors, United Arab Emirates, Faced one of the little thumbs of competition Syria. In a low but very pleasant mood from the meeting, the UAE need to sustain the victory thanks to Canadian (30 ‘) and Salah (not Egyptian) (34’) of Brazilian origin. Syrian score reduction by Alsalama (61 ‘). United Arab Emirates victory, 2-1, they finished second in Group A.

Place in Pool B and keep in the Organizing Country Qatar, Who confronted his neighbors, the Bahrain. This data may not be known to everyone but, if Qatar had a pet peeve it was Bahrain, they could not beat in 14 games. For their first Arab Cup match, both teams finally delivered a tense and closed match and needed to rely on Abdul Aziz Hatem (69 ‘) to release the game, which would eventually end there. Qatar, now top of Group A, are 1-0.

At the other meeting of Group A, it was a duel between the lesser known structures of world footballIraq Before Oman. The match will focus specifically on refereeing, issuing two red cards (one on each side) and VAR interference. If Oman had started scoring at 78 by Salah (still not Egyptian and this time with two A’s), Iraq would have been the nickname. Lions of Mesopotamia, Added by Abdulkareem (90 + 8 ‘) will not lose and equalize at the end time. 1-1 was the final score of this meeting.

Oman and Qatar will face each other for a few days, while Bahrain will face Iraq (Group A), Syria will face Tunisia and the UAE will face Mauritania (Group B).


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