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SK Gaming LoL 2022, What’s the team’s LEC roster? – Breakflip

SK Gaming LoL 2022, What's the team's LEC roster?  - Breakflip

SK Gaming is a team that plays in the LEC, the European League of Legends. The LoL team roster is made up of Xenox, Gilius, Certus, Jeju and Treatz.

The LEC will reopen in January 2022 For spring splitting. SK Gaming One of the different teams competing in the European League League of Legends.

Who are the players who make up the SK Gaming Roster with Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC characters? Spring Partition 2022 ? Here is information on various changes in their lineup and transfer window. Note that players marked with * are currently rumored.

Top planner of the LoL team at Xenox, SK Gaming

Janic “Xenox“Bartels
22 years

Xenox is already playing in SK Gaming in 2021.

Gilius is a jungler on the LoL team at SK Gaming

LoL-LEC-Sk-Gaming-Gilius Erberk “Deep“Iron *
24 years
Germany / Turkey

Gilius is playing in Schalke 04 in 2021. He will replace Treatz In SK Gaming‌, the latter returns to the support position.

Certus, midLaner of the LoL team at SK Gaming

LoL-LEC-Sk-Gaming-Sertuss Daniel “Certus“Note *
19 years

Certus played for the misfits premiere in 2021. He will replace Blue In SK Gaming, the latter begins in Dignitas in LCS.

Jeju, ADC of the LoL team at SK Gaming


Jean “Jesus“Massol
21 years

Jezu is already playing in SK Gaming in 2021.

Support from the LoL team at Treatz, SK Gaming

LoL-LEC-Sk-Gaming-Treatz Eric “Treatz“Wessen *
25 years

Treatz is already playing in 2021 at SK Gaming. He was a jungler when the summer broke up and returned to support Lilliput’s replacement.

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The LEC is the European League of Legends, where ten teams compete in a season divided into two parts: a split in the spring and a split in the summer. The LEC split champions reach the MSI, while the top three Summer split teams enter the Worlds later this year.

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