May 30, 2023

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Bruce Arians was disappointed with the attitude of his players

Bruce Arians was disappointed with the attitude of his players

Things are going very well on the field for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the absence of some players from the pitch is a headache for head coach Bruce Arians.

On Thursday, receiver Antonio Brown and safety half Mike Edwards suspended three games through the NFL for “distorting the reality about their vaccine status”.

In addition to missing two important parts of his list, Arians was frustrated with the indifference of some of his soldiers to Kovid-19, even though Brown was already on hand to treat the injury. This clearly undermines the club’s “great work”.

“In the last two years, I do not know if there is a team that has faced Kovid better than us,” he told a news conference on Friday. Was disappointing. But we did an amazing job. […] We have no spread. ”

The Aryans were reluctant to confirm whether additional fines would be imposed on the two offenders who had false evidence related to the vaccine. “Nothing has been decided,” the pilot said.

“We suspended two boys. The league has done its duty and we must move forward. […] It makes me angry, but it’s the same, ”the Buccaneers coach (8-3) concluded.

Now he wants everyone to focus on Sunday’s game against rivals Atlanta Falcons (5-6) in the Southern Division of the National Association.

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