March 25, 2023

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“I will not speak out against Patrick Roy for a position in Montreal”

"I will not speak out against Patrick Roy for a position in Montreal"

Current Arizona Coyotes driver Andre Tourigni has been a member of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) for many years with Patrick Roy.

“Pat brings energy. He works hard. CH has a special place in his heart. He’s not afraid to put bells, he’s a passionate man. I will not speak against him for a position in Montreal,” the man on his first stages on the Betman circuit described the passage on the show. Post-game, Thursday evening.

Kubeser also downplayed the importance of communication and the relationship between the National Hockey League (LNH) team general manager and head coach.

“It’s very important. Discussions focus on alignment, types of players we like, game systems, etc. My general manager Bill Armstrong and I talk to each other every day. He knows who’s doing well, what’s wrong, in other words, he sees The game Through our eyes, ”he added.

Naturally, the failure of the Hobbs, along with the appointment of Jeff Gorton, would seem to have put Dominic Ducharm at least in a precarious position from the outside.

“Bill Armstrong and I did a lot of interviews before I was hired. He liked the way my teams played. In the case of Jeff Gorton and Dominic Ducharm, I don’t know their hooks.”

In evaluation mode

“However, it already worked for Alain Vignault under Vancouver Canucks when Mike Gillis replaced Dave Nonis as general manager. Despite this change for many years, Alain was successful.

Mercilessness and the quest to win are still expected at CH. Blue-blank-rouge initiates meetings by being amorphous and emotionless, what can the organization do to change things?

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“Jeff Gorton is coming here in an evaluative manner. He doesn’t have as much of a need as everyone on the staff since the start of the season. He should do some analysis before making any decision. He has a lot to learn. ”

“People want Gorton to come and do three trades to change the outcome of the season. It does not work that way. Most CEOs do not exchange in their first year. They need to know about their club before they act, ”he concluded Bear.

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