December 8, 2023

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PQ wants to confront the CAQ on the defense of the country

PQ wants to confront the CAQ on the defense of the country

PQ leader Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon believes that the party will be a real opponent of the Cuban CAQ to defend the country of Quebec, but that liberals and solidarity will stab at multiculturalism.

With less than a year to go before the election, Renనే Levesque will appear in a new light on Saturday in Trois-Rivieres during the Party Orientation Convention.

A new logo will be unveiled to members, as well as a new motto: “Let’s change the future”.

The PSPP refuses to be discouraged by the polls, saying its political structure is far behind the CAQ.

“I am here to stay and PQ will benefit from the next election! »He started with an interview.

We are an alternative to the CAQ because we are not part of the multicultural (like) Quebec Solidarity and Liberal Party.

Important issues

According to him, as the dominance of Francois Legalt’s forces is largely attributed to the epidemic, the coming months will finally allow PQ to discuss important issues in public.

He said that what the Quakists were proposing was a “defeat” future. Francois stressed to the sovereign leader that support for Legalt means accepting the French language, Quebec culture and the declining Quebec position internationally.

Stop the French decline

Among the proposals to be discussed on Saturday are funding for English-speaking CEGEPs and universities that reflect the population weight of the historic English-speaking minority, CEGEPs compliance with Bill 101, and the obligation immigrants need to know. French before their arrival.

The PSPP believes that strong measures can finally be taken to stem the French decline. He also suggested doubling the number of regular Quebec delegates worldwide.

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“We specialize in many fundamental questions for Quebeckers. The CAQ has not been successful in delivering. We are unique in our position in France, in the environment, in childcare centers, internationally, in culture, in terms of independence and relations with the federal government.”

Will the disappearance of the sovereign movement serve the interests of the Prime Minister? “I can not imagine the intentions of Franకోois Legalt, but I must admit that the CAQ is for a coalition that tolerates both federalist and independent ideas, especially contempt and aggression towards the idea of ​​independence.” PQ.

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