March 25, 2023

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ArriveCAN App: Fourteen days of isolation for fully vaccinated travelers

Reopening the Border: Here is everything you need to know before heading to the United States

Because they did not properly complete their ArriveCAN form, the vaccinated Canadian traveler had to go into custody for fourteen days after a short trip to the United States.

“I was punished for not being able to navigate the ArriveCAN app,” Martin Turo, a Surrey resident from BC, told CTV Vancouver on Friday.

On Thursday, Mr Turo crossed the border to collect a package. After recording his trip on the ArriveCAN app, the 70-year-old admitted that he was not very technical and could not figure out how to download his vaccine details. Instead, he brought with him a hard copy of his vaccination proof to submit to the border guard.

“I brought my vaccination passport with me [le garde-frontière] I didn’t even want to see it, ”Turo said.

The Saptagenarian, who reportedly spent more than 30 minutes in the United States, received a booster along with his two doses of the vaccine, but now must maintain a two-week detention.

Blaine, another couple from British Columbia, reported a similar situation on Tuesday after spending less than a day in the wash. They explained that even though they had used the ArriveCAN app before, they did not feel they needed it for less than 24 hours.

A Toronto-based woman also received a restraining order after shopping for seven hours on the border in Buffalo, New York.

On November 30, the rules were changed to allow fully vaccinated Canadians to return from the United States within 72 hours without providing a negative PCR test. However, travelers are required to submit mandatory information, including proof of vaccination, in the ArriveCAN app before arriving in Canada.

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