July 5, 2022

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CEO of CH: The agent at the top of the list?

CEO of CH: The agent at the top of the list?

The search for a replacement for Mark Bergwin has officially begun. While some people are clear on the election campaign and try to publicize their candidacy publicly, others are even smarter.

I have no doubt that the Canadian is very open, which means he takes the “out of the box” approach and wants to think outside the box to find the best candidate possible. The pressure is mounting. We can not go wrong.

As the day goes on, a new name is getting added to the list. As I analyze Jeff Gorton’s press briefing on Friday, I wonder if he did not open his game more than you thought. Former Rangers GM claims his right-hand man could be a former player or even an agent. For ex-players, there is no shortage of applications. We have not spoiled ourselves this week!

When it comes to player reps, Pat Brissen’s name immediately comes to the fore. His name was also advertised in 2012. However, I do not believe that any of the most influential agents in the NHL are ready to jump the fence and drop their list of impressive clients like Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, Nathan. And company. We can skip it from the list.

In The Journal of Montreal, We put forward the names of Stefan Fisette, Dominic de Blois, Vincent Lecavalier, Emily Castongway, Paul Carbill, Eric Lupian, Kent Hughes and Alain Roy. We can also add Claude Lemieux.

Link with Gorton

However, the man I think is one step ahead of all these great hockey figures, including Daniel Brier, Matthew Dorche and Martin Madden Jr., is Kent Hughes of Montreal.

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First, Hughes’ reputation in the hockey world is well established. He was recognized as one of the best negotiators in the “game”. I was told that he had previously been honored for senior management positions with great companies, but that was not the right “fit”.

Are you ready to leave the agency called Quartex Management, which he has been building for years, and accept the challenge in Montreal?

Working and living in Boston, Gorton and Hughes were in the same circle of influence in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

If Hughes was not interested in being ready for the GM position in the past, would he be there now? All of her children are in university. Maybe he matured for the challenge. Growing up in Montreal and undoubtedly worshiping Canadians was an additional factor that militarized the organization.

Hughes grew up in Montreal before moving to Boston. While supporters feared Gorton was hiring a puppet, the high-profile agent left all of his clients for a second violin role in Montreal. Giving him company reins is a clear indication that you want a strong man as CEO.