March 27, 2023

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CNN host Chris Cuomo fired

CNN host Chris Cuomo fired

CNN has fired presenter and star reporter Chris Cuomo, following an investigation into his involvement in the defense of his brother, former New York state governor Andrew Cuomo, in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment, the channel said Saturday.

Chris Cuomo was fired a few days before his dismissal from CNN in this regard.

“We called an accredited law firm to conduct the investigation and we immediately terminated its functions,” a statement posted on CNN’s official Twitter account said. “During the investigation, new information was discovered.”

Chris Cuomo, who provided the 9pm news section on the American Network, said his brother, a politician, had been advised that the dismissal came in the wake of the publication of documents that were deemed inappropriate by CNN.

A CNN spokesman said Tuesday that “documents unknown to us before the public release raise serious questions about their involvement in helping his brother’s more important than what we do know.”

According to CNN reporter Brian Stelter, “I do not want my CNN career to end like this, but I’m already told you why and how I helped my brother,” Chris Cuomo said in a quote.

“If I could help my brother, I would. If he wants me to hear anything, I will. If he wants me to put on any weight, I’ll try to do it, ”Chris Cuomo, 51, told researchers who questioned him in July about the advice he gave to his older brother.

Andrew Cuomo, who has faced allegations of sexual harassment against at least 11 women, adopted a national political perspective in 2020 thanks to his ten years as powerful governor of New York State and the management of the Kovid-19 pandemic. August.

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In October, the former governor – whose father Mario Cuomo also served as governor of New York – was indicted in December 2020 on charges of sexual harassment against a former colleague.

Chris Cuomo is under investigation, CNN added.