March 25, 2023

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Exchange of the Conservative Caucasus

Exchange of the Conservative Caucasus

Something was going on on Parliament Hill early Wednesday morning, with leader Erin O’Toole coming out of his Conservative Caucus meeting with a smile on his face.

We will expedite the passage of Bill C-4 to prohibit transplantation, Said Erin O’Tool. A surprising announcement, more than half of its deputies voted against a similar bill in the previous parliament.

But without discussion or committee study, the real uprising took place in the afternoon, when Conservative MP Rob Moore called for the House’s unanimous approval to approve C – 4 immediately.

It is enough for one member to shout But In the House to defeat the resolution.

Suspense. Silence. The ranks of the social conservatives, bowed their heads and remained silent. The motion was made, Cheers from both sides of the House and hugs from the Liberals to thank their Conservative rivals.

A success I will remember until I was 90 years old, Publicly inaugurated by Minister of Homosexuality Randy Boissonalt. It was a relief for my community not to witness another heartbreaking debate, Minister Pascal St-Onge added.

This is a rare moment of unity in the Commons, but it is completely without political calculations.

Erin O’Toole and Justin Trudeau shake hands in the House of Commons after passing a bill banning conversion therapy in the country.

Photo: Canadian Press / Adrian Wilde

By agreeing to speed up the passage of a bill that did all they could to slow down six months ago, the Conservatives are abandoning the game they knew they had already lost. They do not bring out the internal conflicts in their Caucasus.

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And leader Erin O’Toole is of the opinion that he has begun to promote more militancy in his party.

Objections were raised in the final debate, but the bill was still passed in the House in June, before he died in the Senate when called for elections. It’s time to move on, Explained curator Gerard Deltel.

And this is where Justin Trudeau’s liberals need to be on their toes.

Choose your fights

It is clear that dividing the Conservative ranks is one of the liberal tactics for better governance in the Commons.

At the beginning of this session, the Liberals threw three traps into the water. Only one person responded, Called the deputy’s vaccine, Which continues to be a source of inconvenience to Conservatives.

Then there are the other two traps: the bill on transplant treatment and the bill on the ban on demonstrations near health institutions.

Liberals want to protect doctors and nurses from anti-vaccine activists. But they also know that some social conservatives may oppose it, especially fearing that the ban on performances will extend to other places, such as abortion clinics.

In both cases, however, the Conservatives are reluctant to bait.

Erin O’Toole’s confidante seems to have succeeded in persuading some of his more impatient MPs not to fight against the windmills and to choose their battlefield more wisely.

Conservatives also say the Omicron variant Satisfied Avoid criticism by the measures announced by the government and the general opposition reflex.

By thus neutralizing the divisive grenades thrown by the liberals, the Conservatives want to eliminate distractions and focus on what they see as the main weakness of the Trudeau government: the economy, inflation and economic life.

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This topic, which is not a topic of discussion in the election campaign, is urgent in the coming months. The file came as a surprise to the Trudeau government. Christiana Freeland’s financial statement on December 14th, But especially its spring budget, certainly seeks to rectify the situation.

Until then, the Liberal forces should assume that the Conservative Caucus has invented a new, more disciplined approach.