March 27, 2023

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Haiti winner of the 2021 Young Writing Prize

Photo: Luckenson Jean / Loop Haiti

Haitian teenager Pierre-Ahn Fenelon won her new title for the third edition of the Young Writing Prize 2021 “Revival” this Tuesday, during the opening of the Francophony Students’ Assembly in Paris..

For the second year in a row, the most famous AUF-RFI International Literary Prize returns to Haiti. Following in the footsteps of Peterson Desire and Loundi Cherry in 2020 and the Public Prize, respectively, this time the trophy was presented to Pierre-on Phenelon, a student who won the Jury Prize.

Despite her medical education, the young woman has her own blog and has been writing horror stories for five years. She said in her interview at the official awards ceremony this morning that she was indebted to her sister who started her in this kind of film.

“My medical studies don’t give me much time to write, but once I have free time, I do as much as I can,” she says, wanting to embrace her writing career as well.

Pierrie-Ahn Fénélon presented his award-winning text, The Renaissance, as a fiction inspired by Haitian spiritual reality. During the awards ceremony, the news was read by Jean D’Americ, author and recipient of the 2021 RFI-Theater Award.

On Twitter, D’Amérique congratulated his compatriot for this “beautiful text” that he “enjoyed playing out loud!”

The Young Writing Prize is an annual literary competition organized in small editions by Agencies University de la Francophony (Auf) and Radio France International (RFI).

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For the year 2021, the rules require that texts begin with (very precise) sentences from the novel “Les Impatients” by Cameroonian author Joyle Amadou Amal. She is the recipient of the Goncourt Prize in 2020 for High School Students.

The competition aims to highlight talent and geographical diversity, with Pascal Paradow, assistant and jury member for RFI management responsible for Francophony.

Eberline Nicholas