July 6, 2022

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Canadian 3 – Predators 4 | Vessels that do not communicate much

Canadian 3 - Predators 4 |  Vessels that do not communicate much

(Nashville) Since all Canadians are injured, especially and especially in key positions, logic wants other players to take advantage of the opportunity to stand out. Misfortune for some does not mean happiness for others. However it is somewhat the same.

Simon-Oliver Lorenz

Simon-Oliver Lorenz

More or less happened in that game in Nashville, which ended in a 4-3 overtime defeat to the Canadians by the Predators.

If we say “more or less”, inevitably the simultaneous loss of Jeff Petrie, Brendan Gallagher and Josh Anderson will have consequences only on the rest of the structure. Mike Hoffman’s comeback was welcomed on offense, but none of his game reflected the seriousness that Gallagher and Anderson brought to the game.

Under these circumstances, fewer than five players played in the season reached career highs: defenders Ben Chiarrot (29:26), David Sward (25:32) and Alexander Romanov (24:24) as well as forwards Nick Suzuki (24: 4) and Jake. Evans (19:37).

Some contextual factors augmented these figures, especially the five penalties received by CH. The five players listed above are, in fact, assigned to the stage of the goalless game, shorthand. Definitely worth a star in a notebook.

However, with the exception of Romanov and Evans, there are two less experienced players who are gaining quick ground this season, and they are considered customers. Chiarot and Sword are the two pillars of defense that move by default. And Suzuki, we say from the start of the season, is already a great leader of this team in attack.

So it was a little surprising to hear Dominic Ducharm say that “everyone” has more responsibilities.

Verification is complete, nothing less true. Christian Dvorak, Cole Cowfield, Matthew Perrolt, Arthuri Lehkonen, Michael Pezzetta, Chris Widemann and Matthias Norlinder are all out for less than their pre-game snow time. Tyler Tofoli and Ryan Pohling did not play more than usual. Jonathan Drouin and Brett Kulak each added a minute to their normal use, mostly due to overtime.

Mike Hoffman added 2 minutes and 25 seconds to his average workload. We are excited for him, but the fact that he is a dimensional player limits the extra contribution he can make in difficult situations.

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The Kulak case is very interesting. Clearly more credible than Weidemann and Norlinder, the veteran appeared to be a logical candidate for promotion in defense. He got one by playing mostly in shorthand, usually banned from special teams. And, by supporting the attack, he scored a fine goal that gave his team the lead in the third period. But it is clear that he does not qualify for the trust circle.


Therefore, with the exception of the five deserving students mentioned at the beginning of the text, there are very few candidates who seem to be “standing” in the situation: Suzuki, Evans, Chiarot, Sward and Romanov. Communicating vessels are in operation, but as always thanks to the same contributors.

After the game, Suzuki said he “did not notice” that he was playing more than usual. Regardless, he prefers to “spend more time on the ice”.

Fortunately, due to responsibilities, some will have to be picked up by the end of the season, perhaps even longer as long as Evans continues to be used on the wing rather than in the middle. Pohling has been doing well since he was recalled from the American League, but has been playing Top 9 That is, for now, there is a lot to ask of him. His trio had a very bad night with Michael Granland.

Suzuki on the other hand not only played a lot, it played well. His power-play goal broke 10-game laziness. This is also the first time he has been on the road this season.

Regardless of the amphitheater, the young man says he wants to contribute specifically to the success of his club. Most importantly, he wants to shoot more towards the net, which is a great idea when you look at the shot quality he provided to Zeus Saros. He eventually hopes that this goal will allow him to restart on a regular basis.

We want that too. Because if he inherits more important missions while waiting for the hospital to vacate, the Canadian will need to change his chances.

This, to paraphrase Dominic Ducharm, is not true for everyone.

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With details

Kunin had fun

But yes, we know that Gordy Howe’s hat trick does not exactly reflect Mr. Hockey’s career. However, let us respect the agreed principle to emphasize that Brett Kulak went to an aid to achieve the Trifecta goal-help-fight. Luke Kunin of Predators can add this feat to his resume. The striker, the author of the equalizer, also had a strong match by distributing three checks. Is his name short for you? This is very common if you watch mainly CH games, because he only got a low point in seven career games against the Montreallers in the past. At the age of 24, Kunin takes on the most important responsibilities of his young career these days as he completes the trilogy with Ryan Johansen and Ely Tolvenen. “His ability to score goals along with his physical play and tough opponent […] Make him a great player, ”said head coach John Hines after the game.

Without a helmet

In all companies, without exception, new administrations systematically bring about a variety of changes in the short term. In Canadian, the arrival of Jeff Gorton was expressed by relaxing the rule imposed under Mark Bergewin: wearing a helmet during a warmup. For the first time in a long time, nine CH players jumped on the ice, hair in the air. However, it is unclear whether this idea is Gorton or the players. The NHL Governors’ Meeting in 2019 discussed making helmet wearing mandatory at all times. The dangers of pucking skaters or colliding with another player are then illustrated. Apparently, the file did not continue. On social networks, supporters joked that Hobbs had multiple injuries in their training and was at risk of accidentally losing extra soldiers. This is funny, because it’s true.

Clog in reinforcement

With Joel Edmundson and Jeff Petrie absent simultaneously, and Sami Nick infected with COVID-19, the Canadian needs to strengthen on the blue line. Jeff Gorton, 23, the new vice-president of hockey operations, found some by claiming exemptions. Those who have been lined up with the Los Angeles Kings until then will join his new squad in Montreal on Monday. Left-handed, often right-handed, 2 optionE Tour (51E Total) Kings in 2016. He has 5 assists in 11 games this season. The Saskatchewanian has an excellent junior career, having twice competed at the World Championships, each under the direction of Dominic Ducharm. He had the good fortune to perform this season in Los Angeles with injuries to Drew Doty and Sean Walker. However, he failed to convince the kings to be regular among them Top 6. Ducharm, after the match, talked about a player who “skates well” and without the “biggest” – he measures 6 feet and weighs 177 pounds -, “defends well”, especially thanks to the “excellent stick”. . The coach also highlighted his offensive qualities, fueled by his ability to move the puck effectively.

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They said

I enjoyed our second period. They gave us a hard time for the third time. I loved our effort. We are close to winning, we are there. Unfortunately, we did not go after the second point.

In general, we fought well during the match. This is a very physical game.

Dominic Ducharme

[Jake Allen] Made big stops. We could have lost the game in the third period, but he stood. He’s been doing it all season.

Nick Suzuki

In overtime, this can go two ways. Chances came for both teams. Collectively, we are heading in the right direction for some games.

Nick Suzuki


Cole Cowfield

Although he did not score, it was one of the young man’s best performances this season. Rare good chance to score in power play and excellent pass on kulak goal.


Matthias Norlinder

None of his 10 appearances really caught our attention, he received a solid check from Tanner Janet early in the game.

Match number


That’s itE The Canadians allowed 30 or more shots in a row and for the fifth time in a row they scored more than 40. In fact, since the series began on November 13, CH has dominated the NHL. He averaged 39.1 shots per opponent in each game.