May 28, 2023

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Permanent PQ Dilemma | The Journal of Quebec

Permanent PQ Dilemma |  The Journal of Quebec

At PQ, the question comes back to every meeting with voters. Will independent Quebec hold Canadian currency? Will he have his own army?

Congress decided Saturday: The party will present a “data sheet” that answers these questions.

Not all PQ members who voted in favor of this initiative, however, aim to clearly demonstrate the features that define a possible country.

For some, the resolution was disturbing.

“I’m not sure if we should join hands at the national event and identify every aspect of the PQ militants in detail,” a member of the House of Commons said after the vote.


If PQ does not answer these questions himself before leaving the campaign, he will be accused of submitting a vague project.

Not knowing for himself the implications of his Raison d’Tre.

On the other hand, if he tries to be as accurate as possible, he opens the door to questions about the reality of his hypotheses.

Therefore, perhaps, postpone some indefinite.

Another member did not share this concern and felt that it was a simple exercise to update the arguments established under Jean-Franకోois Lizzie.


Paul corresponds to the position followed by the Saint-Pierre-Plamandon Congress.

“We are going to table very specific documents in terms of what Quebec will look like on the first day of our independence financially and the steps we will follow,” he said.

In fact, the next election campaign will be 1000 seats away from the referendum election.

And PQ clears up a lot of ridicule with this kind of observation.

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But if he wants to follow his logic to the end, his basic project must be defined, which is a question of credibility.