March 25, 2023

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Washington and their allies accuse former Taliban police officers of “hanging in essence”

Washington and their allies accuse former Taliban police officers of "hanging in essence"

The United States and its Western allies said on Saturday that the “summary executions” of former members of the Afghan security forces by the Taliban regime were “worrying”, had been exposed by human rights organizations and called for it.

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“We are deeply concerned about reports of summary deaths and enforced disappearances of former members of the Afghan security forces, as documented by Human Rights Watch and others,” said 20 countries, including Britain and Japan, as well as the European Union. Statement issued by the US State Department.

“We emphasize that the alleged actions are a serious human rights violation and contrary to the amnesty announced by the Taliban,” the Allies said, urging the new Afghan leadership to ensure that the amnesty is applied across the country and throughout their ranks.

This week, NGO Human Rights Watch published a report documenting the “killing or disappearance of 47 former members of the Afghan National Security Forces who surrendered or were detained by Taliban forces between August 15 and October 31”.

“Among the victims were military personnel, police, intelligence agents and militiamen,” HRW said.

For Washington and its allies, “reported cases must be investigated promptly and transparently, those responsible must be taken into account, and these measures must be clearly announced to serve as an immediate deterrent to further killings and disappearances.”

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The Taliban seized control of Afghanistan in August, toppling a US-backed government and army in Kabul.

US officials spoke with Afghan officials earlier this week and called on the Islamist movement to provide education for women and girls across the country. The United States has also “expressed grave concern over allegations of human rights abuses,” a spokesman said.

In addition to the United States and the European Union, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Japan, Northern Macedonia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, the United Kingdom and Sweden.