March 25, 2023

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Lamborghini launches gaming chairs!

Lamborghini launches gaming chairs!

Lamborghini launches gaming chairs in collaboration with SecretLab!

Armchair brand SecretLab Is launching two new armchairs for Gamers, In collaboration Lamborghini. These seats make up the series The Secret Lab for the Automobile Lamborghini Collection And will be marketed in 2022.

Two seats Gaming High quality

Two seats with logo of Lamborghini On the back, developed from the armchair SecretLab Titan Evo 2022 Already marketed by a Singapore company founded in 2014. Called them The Secret Lab for the Automobile Lamborghini Edition And The Secret Lab for the Pinnacle Edition of the Automobile Lamborghini.

Real Lamborghini seats?

In terms of comfort and finish, both seats have ideal levels of construction and assembly: “The amount of detail that goes into each Lamborghini car is extraordinary and we share it in the Secret Lab”, Explain Ian Ang, Co-founder and CEO SecretLab. “Combining our cutting-edge technology and ergonomics with Lamborghini performance DNA, it is a dream to create not one but two chairs for the most loyal fans of the brand. “

Obviously, you certainly can’t sit in a super car seat, but most things are close. Seats are an example Some carbon fiber elements But also a Coating in Alcantara.

These chairs will be available from 2022 and they will be officially displayed as part Real race, An international car simulation event available to players of all levels. Be able to become the best of them all Official (virtual) Lamborghini drivers For the 2022 season.