March 25, 2023

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“Nobody thinks PQ wins anyway”

"Nobody thinks PQ wins anyway"

The party Quebecois (PQ) will have a good game in the next provincial election because no one, not even the party members, thinks it will take power, believe the zosters.

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“The PQ still has a luxury that it did not have in the last election, this time it is there: it does not campaign for power there, it campaigns for survival,” Emmanuel Lotrovers began.

According to her, the party “must recreate the dream and because of its precarious position in the political spectrum” and “now has the capacity to do it because no one wants to win anyway”.

This is the position shared by Matthew Bok-Cote, who believes the Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondan Party, which just launched a new picture in Congress last weekend, will make a “proper political calculation”.

“What is this calculation?” Because Peacock is not mad enough to believe he will win the next election. What he is trying to do is to catch the nationalists who went to the CAQ and tell themselves that they are going to defeat the liberals through them, ”he said.

Listen to the full transformation of the La Jout show in the video above.

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