March 27, 2023

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“Physicians are criminals against vaccination” Arnad Brunel, nurse and doctoral student in public health

"Physicians are criminals against vaccination" Arnad Brunel, nurse and doctoral student in public health

Mask‌ mandatory from six years, A ban on indoor events of more than 200 people or the closure of schools from December 20, are the main actions taken by the last consultation committee. So are these actions relevant? Is it possible to bend the curves of entry into pollution and intensive care? QR News shares stock with Charlotte Martin, an infectious disease specialist at CHU Saint-Pierre, and Arnad Bruneel, a nurse and doctoral student at the ULB School of Public Health.

Codeco, in despair?

For Charlotte Martin, the last Codeco awaited and in the end she was disappointed and disappointed. “We waited for weeks for action and we did not see them coming. So for us it was a last-ditch codec. And in a few weeks nothing happened because the schools were closed, it only happens. But we have non-Kovid patients who are at risk or suffering from heart problems and we can not take care of them properly ”.

For his part, Arnad Brunel spoke of a codec that lacks stability and clarity. “The situation in hospitals is very critical And caregivers prefer strong measures. “Although it is difficult to quantify their effects on an epidemiological level, the actions taken in the school environment are theoretically useful. The doctoral student in public health certainly regrets that these decisions came too late.

Mask at school

If wearing a mask is not unanimous in the scientific community, we should not go so far as to consider it dangerous. Even Arnad Brunel does not let the mask children suffocate on this subject. “The decision to restrict the wearing of masks by minors should be in line with the teaching of parents and teachers, as well as to prevent the closure of classrooms and schools,” he said.

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Charlotte Martin recalls for her part that the mask has largely shown its effectiveness in counteracting the spread of the virus. “We should not think wearing masks for children is demonic. For months, children have been banned from wearing masks and I understand that because we want minors not to take too much action. This mask clearly does not hurt them. It depends on the consent of the parents of the scale.

Is culture violated?

No more gauges and masks at football stadiums for a maximum of 200 people for culture, These actions are completely unstable For Arnad Brunel. The Infectious Disease Specialist believes that the mask needs to be applied long in advance: “When we understand that the vaccine is not as effective as hoped for, we need to hide quickly. Unfortunately, we find that we are imposing toxic gauges when the world of culture is already facing a lot of problems.”

Lack of scientific discussion

When we talk about some of the doctors who are against the vaccine, Arnad Brunel appears in red. “These are criminals! Last week, not all patients admitted to my intensive care unit were vaccinated. These doctors are not on the field and do not see the statistics published by Science. These people are dangerous to express themselves in the media because it strengthens the anti-ax movement.”

For his part, Charlotte Martin is not only for scientific discussion but also with anyone: “I’m glad to discuss with people who really know the subject, but not with doctors who think they know it. As an Infectious Disease Specialist, I do not do that. Consider themselves experts because everyone is “read” on the subject. And all of this is particularly toxic in terms of information.

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