December 1, 2022

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Holiday season: Parties of up to 20 vaccinated people are allowed

Holiday season: Parties of up to 20 vaccinated people are allowed

Now is the time to plan for the holiday season. From December 23, up to 20 people can be vaccinated at private meetings.

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Health Minister Christian Dubey had this “little surprise” for the Quebecars on Tuesday.

The easing of health rules for the holidays was not expected so quickly, but Public Health finally made a recommendation in the morning.

The good news is that at the right time for the Legalt government, the opposition has been piling up for days to manage the epidemic in the CHSLDs. Thirty minutes before Christian Dube’s announcement, the three parties jointly called for a public hearing.

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“Public Health has made a great effort, especially over the last few days, to assess the situation,” the minister said. Despite the uncertainties, in terms of vaccination, I think it is important that Quebecars be rewarded for their outstanding work in respecting the rules. We will continue to work together and everyone will follow this very closely to celebrate a great Christmas. ”

Do not force

However, the police will not come and check whether everyone sitting at your Christmas table has received their two doses of vaccine. “We are not in a forced mode,” he stressed.

Public health officials, however, strongly recommend that non-vaccinated citizens not meet in groups during the holidays.

Currently, there are still 640,000 people in Quebec who have not received their serum doses. “Try to take care of yourself between vaccinations”, added DR Horacio Arruda.

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The latter assured that the decision had been taken on a scientific basis and had nothing to do with Prime Minister Franois Legalt’s recent desire to allow Cubans to celebrate with 20 or 25 people.

“Current epidemiology, number of people not vaccinated […] These are all factors that I have considered in choosing. Mr Legalt was able to say 45, 22, 12, etc., and I remained with my opinion, ”the National Director of Public Health assured.

Minister Dubey stressed that the next three weeks were not to be feared by experts who had been consulted by the government, and that the epidemic situation should be alarming after returning from the Christmas and New Year holidays.

“We will work with it [variant] Delta before the holidays, but after the holidays we have to work with Omicron, ”he said.

Rapid tests

In addition, it is not yet certain that rapid tests will be available to everyone by Christmas for those who want to play safely before going to dinner with grandparents.

The shipments of screening equipment provided by the federal government are used first in daycares and later in primary schools where children have not yet been vaccinated.

“Again, if we receive other expedited tests, we will make them available to the general population by the time of the holidays,” said Daniel Pare, head of operations.

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