July 6, 2022

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Relaxation of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program

Relaxation of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program

To reduce labor shortages, Quebec on Monday announced the first easing measure for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) for certain professions.

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Strictly speaking, this relaxation will allow companies to exclude from ex-posting and exhibit recruitment efforts in Quebec, ‘artwork’ to fill positions related to specific low or non-specialized professions (level D) required by workers.

The goal is to support many businesses by hiring temporary foreign employees. This relaxation applies to cashiers, waiters, guards and clerks, among other things.

The Quebec government consulted with the Commission des Partners du Marque du Traville to determine occupations tailored to the needs of the employment environment.

“Thanks to this facility, the process will be accelerated to bring in workers who will contribute to our financial well-being.” Quebec wins everything! Jean Boulette, Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity, Minister of Immigration, Franchise and Integration, argued in a press release.

On August 4, an agreement was reached with the federal government on the TFWP and the International Mobility Program. Since then, work has been done to make these programs better suited to Quebec’s financial needs.

In addition to what was announced today, other measures to facilitate TFWP as a result of this agreement will take effect in the coming weeks.