January 27, 2023

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Top 3 Best Android Racing Games

Who doesn’t enjoy racing? Fast speeds await viewers, and due to its unpredictability even those who’ve hit a jackpot at this casino site in Canada will never be able to determine the winner with their fantastic intuition. Thanks to modern phone games everyone can try racing themselves, and these games are the best for this purpose.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is really beautiful. The licensed cars are a joy to behold. From the reliable Mitsubishi Lancer to the dazzling Koenigsegg Regera, there are more than fifty cars, and each one is good in its own way.

The racing direction is amazing. Spectacular camera angles and vivid special effects turn Asphalt 9 into a contemplative pleasure.

Finally, Asphalt 9 faithfully recreates the racing atmosphere. It is the atmosphere that pulls us to the cinemas to watch another “Fast & Furious” movie and makes us freeze, when we meet a scarlet Ferrari in the street. Cars on virtual tracks overtaking each other and spectacularly twisting somersaults in the air, while perfectly passing all the turns and serpentines. If suddenly your inner Schumacher went on indefinite leave, autopilot is not such a bad help. And if you really want a challenge, turn it off in the settings and steer on your own.

Grand Prix Story

In the game, you become the manager of a motorsports team that wants to rake in money and move through various divisions, dominating your way.

You can race your car in the various races that are held in different parts of the planet. Winning gives you money and unlocks more races; races can be repeated as many times as you like. Eventually, you unlock different types of cars that you can explore and improve with different parts.

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All vehicles perform differently depending on the road where the race takes place. The cars are improved with a non-cash currency that you get while racing.

Hill Climb Racing 2

We all know the legendary Hill Climb Racing. Compared to its predecessor, Hill Climb Racing 2 boasts a multiplayer mode. But single-player became really depressing, because we are given a choice of only four locations.

Multiplayer mode was awaited by many players around the planet. It is worth right away to make a reservation to the fact that here it is presented in a not quite standard form, as we are used to seeing it. There are no online races, although in each race we face three opponents.

Another incentive to play multiplayer is getting chests with nice surprises. Now we can customize both the appearance of the transport and the appearance of the player. By the way, it can be both male and female. Dress them up in jackets, jeans, pants, add hats and helmets – and you can get it all from the chests, issued for victories over other players. By the way, you can open several of these treasure chests at once, without waiting for the timer to expire. To do this, you need to watch an ad.