December 4, 2023

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Claudette Dion: Celine Dion’s sister announces good news

Claudette Dion: Celine Dion's sister announces good news

After being absent for more than 15 years, Celine Dion’s family is back on stage for the holidays. Claudio Dion announced this at a recent event.

And as everyone knows, the Dion family interweaves New Year’s celebrations, Christmas classics, and interpretations of comics.

“It’s a party from start to finish, it’s really fun, it’s festive, it’s full of memories and smells. It makes you feel good both mentally and physically. Memories abound, ”Claude Dion explained in an interview with a cultural columnist in Tout Un Matin.

The singer will be on stage with her siblings Liat, Ghisline, Michelle and Paul Dione to revisit holiday song concerts from Law to Christmas Is Blue, Blue Christmas, Glory Hallelujah, Petit Papa Noel as well as Dance Our Old Homes. Botine Souriante.

Cloudet Dion confirms that the show is still being revamped to bring in something new, including a tout wa changer by Michelle Fugen, sung by family members at the beginning of the show.

The songs, half in French and the other in English, are also broken down into sections that evoke holiday season memories in the Dion family.

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