March 25, 2023

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Jujar Khaira incident: The players’ association made a mistake

Jujar Khaira incident: The players' association made a mistake

Unfortunately for him, Jujar Khaira had accumulated concussions.

Wednesday in Chicago, already his third in the year, was particularly violent. The films that followed his toughest acquaintance with Jacob Trouba caused bloodshed.

Khaira’s recurring incidents mean that the Black Hawks forward has no place in the NHL, according to TVA sports reporter Renaud Lavoie, who has blamed the Players’ Association.

“That guy, the lights go out a lot. The National League should get him out of the snow. And I will go further. The NHL wants to tell a player that they are no longer allowed to play, but the Players’ Association tells them that they are not allowed to force a player to play or not to play. , Unless it is suspended. We often blame the NHL, but the Players’ Association is responsible for this, “he said in his column on the show,” The Checking. ” JiC, Wednesday. Watch the video above.

Host Jean-Charles Lazoi shared his opinion. “I’m sorry, but Khaira is not trading on NHL ice.”

“I agree, Renడ్d Laoi responded. If Khaira comes back, it’s boring, but we’ll see the pictures last night. I hope someone will say it fits.”

On Tuesday, Khaira collapsed on the ice after being shocked by the acquaintance of New York Rangers defenseman Jacob Trouba in the second period. He remained motionless for several minutes before finally leaving on the stretcher. Only then did consciousness seem to come.

Check out Khaira –

In 2020-21 Khaira was severely shaken while playing for the Edmonton Oilers on two other occasions: the fight against Calgary Flames forward Brett Richie, and then the defenseman body check of Montreal Canadians Alexander Romanov.

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In addition, Renడ్d Laoi also spoke about a meeting of governors to be held Thursday in Palm Beach, Florida. Many items will be on the agenda, including the participation of athletes in the Beijing Olympics next February. The Kyle Beach file also pops up on the screen again.

Photo credit: AFP