March 25, 2023

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The CAQ defector called for a liberal vote

The CAQ defector called for a liberal vote

In Gatino Riding, the former political manager of the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) called on his supporters to vote overwhelmingly for the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ).

Robert Bussier, a former chairman of the Local Action Committee (CAL), Roland Bussier, who was frustrated by the inaction of a CAQ member for Gatineau, said he regretted “believing” the promises made by Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt to the region. .

“I want to join the Liberals in sending a message to Mr. Legalt that I did not earn as a Pierre. An interview with QMI agency.

The man, who was appointed before the 2018 campaign, said that during the rare progress of another party in the PLQ-dominated area, he had participated in the deputy election claiming to be a close relative.

However, he was quickly disappointed by the lack of results at the local level. Former director of CAL de Gatineau, André Meunier, agrees.

“We saw practically nothing in our riding,” he explained. We said we were going to change, because the Liberals would do nothing big, so we would try the new party, the Coalition Avenir Quebec. [mais] Robert, he did nothing for the rest of them.

According to Andre Maynier, the two men called on constituency citizens to turn to liberals who “can’t do worse” and at least “occasionally give out small candy”.

For his part, Brigitte Legalt, director general of the CAQ, said it was more of a distraction for the family.

⁇[Rolland Bussière] He’s always had the same mentality, he’s in the deputy’s family and he’s clashed with it, so we’re not going to have a kinship clash in Public Square, it belongs to them, ”she said.

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She also noted that CAL de l’Outaouais members are volunteer members and technically committed.