March 25, 2023

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Microsoft is ready to offer any discounts for having Xbox Cloud Gaming in the App Store

Microsoft is ready to offer any discounts for having Xbox Cloud Gaming in the App Store

Xbox Cloud Gaming – the “streaming game” component of the game pass – is clearly ready for Microsoft to offer a lot of discounts for distribution on the App Store. According to Correspondence (excavated To the edge) As a result of the documents filed in the claim framework between Epic and Apple, Microsoft worked on the possibility of distributing each game solo as Apple wished.

In other words, it was possible to download the Forza Horizon 5 app and another Halo Infinite app from the Apple Store and stream them from Microsoft’s server forums. Even better, the publisher agreed to provide AAA games specifically for the Xbox platform for iOS users in general. But in the end, the deal didn’t work out and instead, Microsoft offers a web app from Safari – nothing big to complain about, but it’s less comprehensive than a native app.

Overview of Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS and macOS

Overview of Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS and macOS

Microsoft will overcome the iOS issue in February 2020. The idea of ​​distributing as many apps as there are games compatible with Xbox cloud gaming is frightening: hundreds of applications need to be managed and updated. Logistic and technical nightmare! Consumers also have ergonomic concerns. Tory Wright, Xbox Business Development Head, wrote that such a proposal would be provocative. Disappointment and confusion for customers “, Consequence” Deteriorating experience .

A month later, the step changed: Finally, Microsoft said it would start multiplying applications as long as there were shortcuts and empty shells running on the streaming engine in the GamePass application. The advantage is that the Game Pass app weighs in at 150MB and each additional app is only 30MB. If you want to integrate streaming stock into game apps, they each weigh 150 MB.

Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS is done through the web app.

Another advantage: you only need to update one app (Game Pass) to take advantage of all the games. On paper, it can work and, in principle, Apple claims: one app per game. But last September, when Apple imposed its conditions on accepting streaming game services and patrols, Microsoft announced that it was “about this one”. Bad experience for gamers And users should not be forced to download more than 100 games.

Apple licenses video game streaming services, in accordance with its terms

Apple licenses video game streaming services, in accordance with its terms

What happened? It was a bit confusing. Apple wants every game on Xbox Cloud Gaming to have full streaming stock. This is required ” Unreal “For support and engineering, and the players had experience” Incredibly negative For customers, said Kareem Chowdhury, Vice President, Xbox Cloud Gaming To the edge.

However, in April, Microsoft seemed ready to surrender to Apple’s will, developing a solution to integrate the streaming engine into each app. The problem with in-app purchases remains the same: Xbox cloud gaming games are also stores that sell extra content. The publisher wanted to run these in-apps with its own system, with the latter setting up with Apple to find its own account.

Mark Grimm, head of games in the App Store, said the idea was not to prevent Apple from getting its share of in-app purchases, but to prevent unnecessary API integration. But unable to do anything, Apple remained in its shoes Guidelines. The company confirms to the site that the Microsoft proposal does not meet the requirement to use the App Store payment system.

However, the article differs from Microsoft, which states that the streaming game was not linked to the rejection through Pass’ App Store with large sums of money. ” We offer Xbox Cloud Gaming through a single app in the Android Play Store without in-app purchases “Said Kareem Chaudhary.” And if we can do the same in the App Store .

However, all is not lost, because if the online solution is retrieved by Microsoft Safari, the publisher “” Practical resolution This will allow him to access the App Store.

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