March 25, 2023

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Quebec customers are inclined towards LCBO

Quebec customers are inclined towards LCBO

Quebec customers turn to LCBO in Ontario to store alcohol while SAQ shelves are empty.

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The parking lot at the Hawksbury branch was also packed with cars registered in Quebec during the TVA Nouvelles Pass on Wednesday.

People came not only from the border area, but also from more remote areas such as Repentance or Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

“We go to Quebec regularly, but because the shelves are empty, we come here to store,” explained a Quebec customer who came to LCBO to refuel.

“It simply came to our notice then. So here we are, it gives us a little “wrinkle” that drives us on the road for two hours, ”explained another client.

All the customers we met spent hundreds of dollars, sometimes up to $ 1,000.

Many said they would come back even if they had to go to the LCBO.

As the holidays approached, people feared they would run out of bottles, especially as the government announced it would allow meetings of up to 20 vaccinated people.

It is also difficult for private importers

Private importers still have access to SAQ even though they have a hard time delivering a portion of their goods to their customers.

“Orders are gone, company is gone. SAQ is currently trying to be everywhere at the same time, but nowhere. The problem is that employees are not going on strike, and nothing is being done to assess its effects, ”said Simon Dowst, a sales agent at Rosette Importation Pvt.

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He explained that he had to load his personal car due to the strike and make his own deliveries across the province to help his customers and restaurant owners.

It is also impossible for restaurants to obtain supplies from SAQ as prohibited by law.

Despite returning to the negotiating table on Wednesday, the dispute between SAQ and its warehouse workers is still ongoing.

Last Monday, 86% of a deal was rejected in principle. Stress strategies must continue.

SAQ agreed that it would take some time to refill the inventory.