March 25, 2023

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The capital attack trial is one step closer to Trump

The capital attack trial is one step closer to Trump

Washington | The court on Thursday authorized the transfer of documents involving Donald Trump’s involvement in the January 6 attack on the Capitol to Congress, a setback for the former president who did not intend to stop there.

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The decision would pave the way for the transmission of hundreds of pages of documents to a parliamentary commission accused of shedding light on the role of the former Republican president in the attack. The court, however, gave him fourteen days to appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States.

His spokesman immediately said he wanted to do so.

“No matter what the Court of Appeal decides today, this case will always end up in the Supreme Court,” Liz Harrington said on Twitter.

Donald Trump wants to keep these archives secret, among other things, lists of people who visited or called him that day.

Photo de Archives, REUTERS

When elected officials confirm Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election, a commission in the hands of Democrats is investigating an attack by his supporters on a congressional seat.

The former president, who denied any responsibility for the attack, condemned the “political game” and refused to cooperate. He went to court in the name of the exclusive right of the executive to keep his exchange of information confidential even in the event of a summons being issued by Congress.

Following the first controversial ruling, the Court of Appeals ruled on Thursday that there was no reason to go against the decision of current White House tenant Joe Biden, authorizing the National Archives to provide Congress with these documents.

“In this case, a rare and powerful factor supports the disclosure of the documents in question (…) in view of the need to investigate and address the violent and unprecedented attack on Congress.”

Race against time

This decision marks a significant victory in the race against the timing of the opening of a special committee of the House of Representatives.

It wants Republicans to regain control of the House and publish its conclusions less than a year before the midterm elections, before burying its work.

With this deadline in mind, the commission is moving forward: it has already questioned more than 300 witnesses, said Republican Liz Cheney, one of those who chaired the meeting on Thursday.

But a former White House tenant has asked those around him to close the ranks.

One of the architects of his success in 2016, the brimstone Steve Bannon, declined invitations to Congress and was charged with obstructing the privileges of a parliamentary trial, leading to imprisonment.

Former Donald Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows faced the same fate. The committee will meet on Monday to decide whether to recommend the prosecution.

Don’t be fooled: Liz Cheney warned on Twitter that President Trump was trying to cover up what happened on January 6th. “It’s not going to happen.”