March 27, 2023

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Grocery Basket: Consumer Protection Association

Grocery Basket: Consumer Protection Association

With the record level of growth in groceries, mass kitchens and community grocery stores may become the solution for food for many families.

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According to estimates in the 12th edition of the Food Prices Report by a team of experts from the Universities of Dalhousie, Guelph, Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan, by 2022, groceries will cost 5-7% more. British Columbia released on Thursday.

At the “La Recette” Community Grocery Store, members have access to products at low prices. “We do not take profits on food, so sometimes regular food in large chains is 30% cheaper than in grocery stores. Definitely someone who knows the specifics of the big chain and benefits here. Need to save,” said grocery store coordinator Nathalie Laoi.

Listen to an interview with “Urban Nutritionist” Bernard Lovely:

To compensate for the increase in the grocery bill increase to $ 966 per average family, mass kitchens are the solution of choice.

“People can come together and cut costs, for example, last time, there were four, three dishes, a huge spaghetti sauce, a dessert, a soup, which came back for a 38 cent portion,” the coordinator promoted. Cafe Junesse, Mary-Michelle Ramcourt.

To many consumers who met with TVA Nouvelles on Thursday, the increase in the grocery basket was absurd. “I’m frustrated, but we have no choice, we must follow,” one customer explained to TVA Nouvelles.

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“It’s very high, because when you have a low income, it’s about being without food, and at the UN, the right to food at the international level, the right to eat in moderation, is really worrying,” added Nathalie Laoi.

“I’ve retired, we’re raising 65 cents a year, it’s not going to be a big increase,” one person commented on TVA Novelles.

“In the summer, it’s canned goods, in the winter, we have to be more careful,” one client said. Another explained that he had to go to three different companies to complete his grocery store without major expense.