March 25, 2023

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New novel | Michel Houellebecq is not giving an interview

New novel |  Michel Houellebecq is not giving an interview

(Paris) Michel Houellebecq’s new novel to be published in January will benefit from a product inspired by German books and its author does not intend to promote it to journalists, we learned on Friday from a source close to the author.

The title of this eighth novel, 26 euros 736 pages in bookstores on January 7, remains a mystery. According to this source interviewed by AFP, it should not be disclosed until the end of December.

Referred to as the “upcoming title” on the Flammarion website and on commercial sites.

Publisher Flamrian already revealed in early November that the volume would be released “in hard cover edition, with hard cover, slice and color bookmark”.

Michel Houellebecq explained himself at a conference in Sorbonne on December 2 that the press did not know about the books published in his model Germany, which were heavier, more rigid and more rigid.

“He explained it very well to the Flamerian sales representatives. They said to themselves: Why not for this title and for others? As a result the books will last forever,” a source close to the author said.

In mid-November Flamrian released three novels in this format: Expansion of the wrestling sector, Stem cells And Stage.

As released Serotonin In January 2019, Michel Houellebecq planned not to give any media interview to discuss his latest work.