March 25, 2023

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The sharp acceleration of the pandemic almost everywhere in the world

The sharp acceleration of the pandemic almost everywhere in the world

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to accelerate around the world this week, especially in South Africa where the Omicron variant has appeared: here are some amazing weekly developments taken from the AFP database.

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An important indicator, however, is that the number of cases diagnosed reflects only a fraction of the actual number of infections and comparisons between countries should be taken into account as testing procedures vary from one country to another.

With 610,000 pollutants being recorded every day in the world, the index will rise for the eighth week in a row (+ 3% compared to the previous week), according to an AFP report that stopped on Thursday.

This week, new pollutants in Africa doubled (+ 113%), driven mainly by South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated in the United States / Canada region (+ 24%) and Oceania (+ 3%), while in Europe (-4%), the Middle East (- 5%). Latin America / Caribbean Zone (-7%). The situation in Asia is stable.

Zimbabwe (+ 646%, 2,800 new cases per day compared to the previous week), but subject to severe sanctions, South Africa (+ 195%, 15,000) so far, are the two countries that have recorded the biggest accelerations this week (among those with at least 1000 daily pollutants).

These two South African countries are battling the new Omicron variant.

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South Korea (+ 36%, 5,600), France (+ 29%, 47,500) and Denmark (+ 29%, 5,700) follow.

The Netherlands had the biggest decline this week (-57%, 9,500), Austria (-46%, 5,500), Singapore (-42%, 700), Hungary (-24%, 7,300) and Serbia (-57%, 9,500). Country (-23%, 1,600).

The United States has the highest number of new infections this week (120,800 daily cases, + 24%), followed by Germany (55,000, -5%) and France (47,500, + 29%).

Slovakia (1,099 per 100,000 residents) recorded the highest number of new cases this week, excluding micro-states in terms of population ratio, but eased anti-Kovid regulations on Friday by reopening stores, especially as it approached. Noel, ahead of the Czech Republic (982) and Belgium (967). That is, in these countries, about 1% of the population tested positive this week.

The United States also has the highest daily mortality rate, 1,281 per day this week, ahead of Russia (1,195) and India (627).

Worldwide, 7,561 deaths were reported every day this week, an increase of 1%.