June 30, 2022

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A Tango Francois Legalt-GND | The Journal of Quebec

A Tango Francois Legalt-GND |  The Journal of Quebec

For the past few weeks, Franయిois Legalt and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois have been having an amazing love story. They chose each other and are now publicly performed as companions in the same play.

Franకోois Legalt considers the GND to be his main rival, only worth mentioning, deserving of emotion.

As for GND, he was very happy with his new title of Chief Princess for the desired opposition, he happily wore this symbolic dress. They also added a layer to the National Assembly this week.


GND, a handsome young man who had already acted as a revolutionary leader ten years ago, suddenly wanted to become the spiritual son of Michelle Chartrand. Guilloor, almost rudely, called the Prime Minister like a young man from above him and was very happy to talk in pro and flirt with bad words.

Franకోois Legalt understood the message well and reacted like a father who would not tolerate the guttural vocabulary of a talented little boy of the family.

Through this entertainment, childish, playful, well-thought-out strategy is revealed: it is to sideline other opposition parties, making them invisible.

For PLQ, it’s not too complicated. 9% of Francophones, the Dominic Anglade party is, at present, the only major egalitarian party.


For Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon’s party Cubecois, this is a different matter. If he could promote himself in the media, he could talk to many nationalists who have resorted to the CAQ to oust liberals from power, but in terms of recognition it has been very frustrating.

The PQ weakens the CAQ in many French-speaking constituencies, but the QS is foreign to so-called reasonable voters.

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Such is the share behind this great theater.