June 30, 2022

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Gorton is a visionary – TVA Sports

Gorton is a visionary - TVA Sports

My grief is over. Mark Bergewin is gone, I wish him all the best. My grief is over. Jeff Gorton is a monolingual English-speaking American, and I greet him.

With a little behind-the-scenes focus, a dose of analysis and a lot of thought, Gorton has already achieved his best shot with CH. When he accepted Geoff Molson’s offer, he proved to be a visionary and an excellent manager.

Gorton half-heartedly wrote a letter to New York Rangers supporters. Telling them that the team will collapse to reflect the bases of the competitors for the Stanley Cup. The announced cross stations are spread over five seasons. Just three years later, the Rangers will find themselves in the window of opportunity for the championship.

Good luck and genius

It was genius and took a lot of luck. But luck likes to adhere to the genius, it knows … not the point here. Gorton finished second in a row and won the draft lottery. It was provided by Capo Caco and Alexis Lafrenier. Excellently traded. Mika Zibanezad ruled Manhattan by bargaining with one another from Ottawa senators in return for Derrick Brassard …

Instead of a second-round pick and a conditional third-round draft pick, Gorton also bought the mighty young fullback Adam Fox … and then in July 2019 presented the Madison Square Garden Vault Suite to Artemis Panarin.

Coincidentally, he was able to bring King Henrique out of New York without much trouble, which was no small task. Gorton knew that Igor Schechterkin was real. He highly recommended it to Glenn Sauer in 2014.

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Of all the above, the only dangerous development between the work that Gorton did in New York and the work that he could achieve in Montreal was Panarin. Respected unrestricted free agents listen to the ready Canadian and agree to the same terms provided here as elsewhere. The supply of free-air players will be roaring next summer. Can Gorton convince anyone? Ideally two?

Who will go?

Until then, will he trade with such ingenuity and precision on the way to the deadline? Will he get the Carrie Prize from Montreal? And Gallagher? What about Petrie? And Chiarot? And Tofoli? What about Hoffman? Not clear. But if he can pull two out, including Carrie, while getting a lot in return, there …

Was he so lucky in the lottery? Will Shane Wright create the generation center of our dreams in Montreal? Will he convince the sensational American hopeful Jordan Harris to accept the Montreal Challenge?

If the answer to most of the above questions is yes, then Canadian descent will be beneficial and his return will be awesome.

The beauty is that next August we will have a great idea of ​​Sheriff Gorton’s true value. The new boss has a full arm and can revive the Canadian in a few months.